Posted by: cindybythesea | November 12, 2013

The Harvest Is Ripe – continued

This has been quite a year for me!  As many of you know, I suddenly and abruptly lost all of the hearing in my left ear this past April. And with only 70% in my right ear with the help of a hearing aid, my ability to work at my previous job was vastly altered. As a result, I made the decision to relocate from Hawaii to the mainland to be closer to family.  I say this because the Lord indeed works in mysterious ways and had this not happened, I almost certainly would not have been able to travel to Israel to work in the vineyards without the sale of my home in Hawaii, which made the whole thing possible.

I had always wanted to visit Israel but, never thought I would be able to do so. It was just too expensive. But, then everything changed. Just about the time I decided to sell my property, I heard about a ministry that blesses Israel by providing volunteer laborers to help the farmers of Judea and Samaria by getting in their crops of grapes and olives. This really appealed to me. An opportunity to not only sight see but, to do some thing productive as well. An opportunity that became even more exciting, when I realized it was an actual fulfillment of prophecy.

As it says in Isaiah 61:5 –

“Strangers will shepherd your flocks and foreigners will work your vineyards.

So, I along with my uncle and three other people from New Mexico flew to Israel on October first, where we were joined with about 150 other people from around the world, who had flown to Israel for this same purpose. Together we would spend the next three weeks in the heart of Biblical Israel making Isaiah 61:5 not just words, but a reality.

For the next few days, I will continue to blog on this topic. Please join me for a first hand look at what is happening in the region the world knows as “the West Bank”.  An area under international contention and pressure for division.  It was an eye-opening experience for me and I hope after reading my blog, it will be one for you as well.

Please pray for the people of Judea and Samaria. The harvest there is indeed ripe. And, I don’t just mean grapes.

And, as always – “pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper, who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. How awesome, Cindy! As you know, the Lord brought about something in my life that I said I would NEVER do… deep brain surgery, and now I am looking for some kind of service position. I only recently saw with the help of a good friend that it was the Lord who brought this about.

    [Thanks Kim for writing! I can’t imagine having brain surgery! How are you doing? What kind of service position are you looking for? Please, let us know how we can pray for you? Its so good to hear from you! C]

    • Just any way to serve the Lord and bring glory to His name. I don’t have any special prayer requests; only that I will never take my eyes off of my Savior.

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