Posted by: cindybythesea | June 6, 2013

Hitting the Wall

Yesterday, I saw a little bee similar to this one struggling in the waters of the swimming pool, I was swimming in. Just minutes earlier, it had been flying around my head and I had been swatting at it to go away. It wasn’t long until I noticed the little fellow had landed in the water and was swimming furiously to get out. I’m not sure how he had gotten himself in to the water, as I never made contact with him and was in fact, in another area of the pool, when he had been buzzing me.

Curious, I began watching him.  I knew if he could get to the edge of the pool, he would be all right. But, swimming as hard as he could, he was going the wrong direction, he was headed not to the edge of the pool and, towards safety, but, to the center of the pool, where, most likely, he would drown, after tiring himself out.  It was obvious to me that without some kind of intervention, he was not going to make it and would soon be floating face down, a victim of circumstances, he could not understand.

 So, standing a few feet away I began gently pushing the water towards him creating a current that would take him towards the edge of the pool. And, it seemed to be working. But, the more I pushed, the harder he fought to go the opposite direction!  So, I knew, if he were ever going to make it to the edge of the pool, I was going to have to create a current stronger that his backstroke!  So, I pushed a little harder until the water became less of a ripple and more of a wave. And, it wasn’t long until the poor little creature was caught up in a current stronger than he was carrying him away from the center of the pool and towards the edge of the pool, where he would find safety. 

As I pushed the water towards him, I knew that once he hit the wall on the edge of the pool, his little feet would get traction and he could fly away, which is exactly what happened. And, while hitting the wall may not have been  pleasant (at least to the bee) it was actually, a necessary part of the process.

Isn’t that a lot like us?  We often find ourselves in situations or circumstances, we don’t understand. We swim and swim and swim and can’t seem to get anywhere.  We think we know the direction, we need to go,  but, swim, as we may, can’t seem to make headway. In fact, the harder we swim, the stronger, the current seems to take us in the opposite direction until finally, there is nothing left, except to “hit the wall”.

But, isn’t that just like God!  His unseen presence always standing by, watching and guiding. Gently pushing us in the direction we need to go, (even, when we resist) allowing us at times, to even hit the wall, when necessary.

The little bee was completely unaware of my assistance. And, probably thought how lucky he was to have escaped certain death from drowning, he may have even been congratulating himself on his swimming ability!  When, in reality, it was a presence much bigger than himself that got him safely to shore. A fact, that he in his “bee world” will never be able to understand or appreciate.

But, we are different. Unlike bees, we have the word of God which tells us that God is always active and working in our lives. A fact, that we should trust and appreciate more.  For as it says in Romans 8:28 –

“All things work together for good, to them that love God, and to them that are called according to his purpose.”

Yes, all things work together for good – all things!   Thank you, little bee for your part in a very powerful spiritual lesson. And, thank you, God for your word and for your promise. And, for always watching over us and accomplishing your will in our lives even, when we don’t recognize it.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper, who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. And thank you for this wonderful reminder that God is always looking after us even if we aren’t aware. What an awesome God we serve!!

    [Thank you Linda! I think we all feel at times a little bit like that bee, I know I do! Thanks so much for writing! C]


  3. Thank you for the timely encouragement and especially the last paragraph!!!
    Shalom and Joyful Joy always

    [Thank you so much Kathy! C]

  4. Cindy…always look forward to your post. Sometimes I must admit I get a little impatient waiting. Then there you are with such wonderful Spiritual Food. Always worth the wait!
    God Bless You..

    [You are so sweet! Thank you Carleen, its nice to know when I’ve been missed. I have to confess, I’ve been feeling a lot like that little bee lately. Many decisions to be made in regard to my recent hearing loss. But, I have no doubt that through it all God is directing the course of my life! Many blessings and thanks so much for writing! C]

  5. I enjoy the way you see the small details, our loving Father, shows us in, and through His marvelous creation! My daughter asked to share this with her youth ministry this week. I am also thankful, you are feeling able to get out, and enjoy life again, hoping you are recovering and feeling better. God bless you, Cindy!

    [Thanks so much Tamra! I love the little details too; it was so quiet in the pool – no one else there – just me and the bee – isn’t it cool how God speaks to us in these quiet times. Honored that your daughter would want to share my story. I really think that’s great! Kind of interesting, I didn’t know until after I had written my blog but, my daughter in Washington had a bee story on the same day. She was talking on the phone to her grandmother, when a rather large bee landed on her and commenced to climb up her arm, across her chest and down her leg. Not wanting to drop the phone and scream, she kept herself calm and watched the bee until it finally got close enough for her to blow on it and it then dropped to the floor. She was wondering if for some reason, it was unable to fly as it just crawled away. Not sure what the spiritual lesson in all of that was. But, I’m sure there is one in there somewhere! Grace and blessings to you and thanks again for writing! C]

  6. Great post, Cindy. Thank you!

    [And. thank you for stopping by! C]

  7. hi there Cindy, could you tell me how to get on to your daughters website Seven Seas please

    [Hi Grannie! You should be able to find her on my blog listed under “blog roll”. Her blog is called Seven Stars but, I’m not sure, when she last updated it. She has three kids (two under three years old), so her time is limited, as you can imagine. But, thanks for asking! I’ll let her know. C]

    • Thanks Cindy, now i know why she hasnt been updating her blog! busy lady, all understanable. blessings Grannie

  8. What a truly beautiful testimony, thankyou Cindy!
    The testimony immediately brought to mind several years ago a bee had fallen in my pool, lacking your knowledge of the bee i proceeded to scoop the bee with my own hand quickly assisting it out of the pool and danger, of course on the way out i was stung, the bee making it to safety, truly beautiful how through ones testimony of creating the waves that are stronger then the bee we learn the better way of guiding the bee to the edge of the pool where it can climb to safety on its own, how very true, how different are we then the bee to God
    Psalm 46
    Romans 8:28

  9. I know one thing for certain that little bee & this big old Bee have both been blessed to have had you cross our paths. Both of our lives have been greatly blessed by your sweet presence in them!! I posted this story to our page today & the readers have all been touched by young lady even messaged & asked for prayer because she really had allot in common w/the bee too & wanted help to to find the edge. I was privileged to pray w/her tonight. May God continue to reach others through the story of this little bee! I love ya to pieces..your sister in Christ… Bee

  10. Amen and amen! Such an excellent little testimony! And so true! My personal prayer is that I would stop being a busy little bee and wait for HIS word to do or move…

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