Posted by: cindybythesea | May 15, 2013

Six Weeks to Delivery ???

I want to share with you an interesting dream my daughter (Seven Stars) had in the early morning hours of Friday, May 11.  It seems to me that the Lord has been giving the two of us some interesting dreams lately, but, not only to us, also, to others. Something that may in and of itself, testify to the lateness of the hour.

This dream, I found to be particularly unusual as it contains two parts. One, the dream and two, what I believe, to be an obvious confirmation the next day.

I will preface this by saying that previous to the dream, my daughter had been praying quite intensely for the salvation of her oldest daughter’s father (from a previous relationship) and his extended family.

The dream appears to be related to her prayer.  But, I believe, as I will explain, that it goes deeper than that.

The Dream:

In the dream, my daughter is flying. Not in an airplane or anything like that. Just flying, as people often do in dreams. Somehow, she has been given the knowledge that a nuclear disaster of some kind is imminent somewhere. The next thing, she knows, she is at a nuclear plant, where she see workers coming off from their shifts. They are riding up on an escalator from a level down below. Not in a hurry, they appear as you would expect, when people are just getting off work.  Somehow, she knows that the father of her daughter is there – and, that something terrible is about to happen. His name is Bo. And, she begins shouting his name, “Bo, Bo” desperate to find him. It’s not long until she sees him coming up the escalator also, and he is carrying their daughter Taylor in his arms. In the dream, Taylor is 3 years old (in actuality, she is now 11).  Once she sees them, she tells them, “we need to get out of here”!  So, they run to the perimeter of the facility, which is enclosed by a three or four foot swampy area.  They jump across it and although is seems but, a short distance, she knew once they had crossed it, they were safe.

End of Dream

As I mentioned, the dream at first appearance seems to be in relation to her recent prayers for Bo (and, his family).

But, that was not the end. Then, this happened.

It was Saturday afternoon and my daughter was at the dollar store standing in line to pay for her purchase at the cash register. There was a woman ahead of her, who was talking to the cashier about her daughter, who was pregnant. These two women apparently knew each other and, so the conversation became a little prolonged. As my daughter moved forward to pay for her purchase, the woman continued to talk even though she had already paid for hers and, because my daughter was now closer in to the conversation, the woman began to include her in what she was saying, as well.

Apparently, her daughter, whose name is Angel is six weeks out from giving birth, but, she is beginning to have contractions now. They are concerned because the baby’s lungs are not fully developed, so they are trying to do everything they can to keep her from going in to labor until closer to her due date. Possibly moving her to a hospital in a nearby city in hope that the delivery can be delayed. My daughter explained to the woman (and the cashier) that her husband (my son in law) is a helicopter mechanic for the local flight for life service and that she and he would pray for Angel and the baby. By the way, my daughter ask, almost as an after thought, “What is the baby’s name?” Not quite understanding, why she had asked, because not everyone has a name for a baby before its born. She ask anyway. “Beau” the woman said, his name is Beau.”

Wow! What are the chances! My daughter states, that as soon as the woman said, “Beau” she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. A jolt of electricity (non-painful) coursing from the soles of her feet to the top of her head causing the hair on the back of her neck to stand up and goose bumps to appear on her skin.  The woman could not help but notice how visibly shaken, she became at the name Beau.  “Why” she ask worriedly. “Do you know someone by that name? ”  Still in a state of shock and not quite knowing how to explain what had just happened, my daughter, finally just mumbled something about having some one in the family by that name and left it at that.

“Mom” she said, ” I have never felt anything like this.  I’ve heard about  ‘slain in the spirit” before, but, never knew quite what that meant or even believed in it. But, this, I’m telling you was a Holy Spirit experience!”  And, based on the details of all of the above, I’m inclined to agree.

You probably noticed there was change in the way I spelled Bo. The “Bo” associated with, my daughter is a nickname, which, came from childhood as he could not pronounce his name Bill, every time he would try to say it, it would come out  “Bo” and, one way or another it stuck. Not knowing, how Angel will be spelling her new son’s name, it is safe in assuming, that it would most likely be the traditional Beau as opposed to Bo. The reason I mention this is because names are important to this dream.

There is perhaps, a number of ways this dream could be interpreted. I am going to offer up but, one. It strikes me that the dream, which, included a looming disaster, was tied to the birth of a baby yet six weeks out.  The return of the Messiah, as we all well know, is described in the Bible as a woman in labor, a woman about to give birth. So, “Angel” is about to give birth to Beau. The meaning of the name, which means “handsome.” The word “beau” is also synonymous with that of a suitor. One, who works to woo, his beloved.  A very Holy Spirit like action, if you ask me.

Beau in the dream is carrying Taylor. And, the name Taylor is associated, as we all know with the trade of a Tailor. One who cuts fabric and fashions garments; one, who provides the clothing that we wear (even, if they are mass-produced). I see a connection here between these two names, Beau and Taylor. One who woos – a suitor (Holy Spirit) and one, who provides garments (clothes us in righteousness, Jesus).

The name Angel is synonymous with messenger. The baby Beau, whose lungs are not quite ready for delivery indicates to me that it is not yet time (time to be delivered). But, it is close.  Lungs have to do with breath and it is the Holy Spirit, who breathes in to us spiritual life. When the time is ready, we will be delivered, (as she was) and, with the help of “Beau and Taylor” (the Holy Spirit and Jesus) “will be moved from a place of danger to a place of safety, heaven. 

Are we six weeks out from our deliverance?  We certainly could be. This much for sure – with each passing day, we are one day closer to his soon return!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper, who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Cindy, thank you for sharing your daughters dream, and experience in such detail. I felt goose bumps reading it! I don’t think it would hurt to be prepared for our Bridegroom, to arrive very soon – amen!

    How is recovery going? I am continuing to pray for you Cindy. God bless you!

    [Hi Tamra! Thanks for writing and also, inquiring about me. I received the third and final shot in my ear this past Monday, and, like the first two it appears to be ineffective in restoring my hearing. The doctor is suggesting a type of hearing device that will will route sounds (that I normally hear coming from my left) directly to my right ear – as a traditional hearing aide, won’t work. He thinks this might work quite well for me, I am going to see an audiologist to discuss it – cost is also a factor. Hearing devices can be very expensive – my last set of hearing aids was $5,000. I expect this will be more. Anyway, I am most likely going to relocate back to the mainland. Please pray for my sister, she has had both breast and colon cancer in the last 5-7 years and her blood markers have been coming back elevated recently – a possible indication of the return of the cancer, she will be having a Pet scan in a few days to see. I’m very worried about her. Her name is very close to yours Tamara – will call her Tammy.Thanks again for your love, support and your prayers! Praying that Jesus is coming very soon! C]

  2. Cindy…I am newly brought to the ways of our Lord and The Holy Spirit…in fact, have just moved to a new area in SC and am looking for a bible study group…not necessarily a “church”. When I read your excerpts, I feel so much closer to God and truly enjoy being on your site. Thank you for sharing your experiences. If you would, maybe you can guide me in learning about the bible and our Lord. I so want to be prepared for His return. Thank you again. Lin

    [Hi Linda, Thanks for writing! I’m very honored that you would pose such an important question to me. My suggestion is to first of all pray that the Lord will guide you to the right place. Ask him to show you, give you that divine appointment with someone, who can point you in the right direction. You may find a home group fellowship by attending a Bible believing church. When you meet someone, who is a believer, ask where they fellowship, what are they studying etc. Ask God to bring at least one special person into your life, who is like minded and can serve as a mentor. This could even include on line friends. I have made some wonderful friends through this blog that I correspond with daily or weekly. And, of course I have my daughters. The Lord has all kinds of wonderful resources and people out there for you. And, I am sure as you continue to pray about this He will guide you to just where he wants you to be! Grace and blessings in Y’shua, our soon coming King! C]

  3. Thank you ever so much for sharing this dream w/us! This type of report, one of HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT for us, the bride, as we wait on our Bridegroom is so vital right now. So many are starting to get weary from waiting..some are just throwing in the towel, or just giving up on their blessed hope. It’s articles such as this that pick us up..dust us off…& scoot us back onto the track of staying the course for Christ! I pray that this article finds it’s way into the hands of that crowd & re-ignites their passion for holding on & finishing the race of which we call “Our Blessed Hope” !! I can see the finish line now…it’s just around the next bend…see it!

    In His abundant love…..Your sister Bee

    [Thanks Bee! So, many are having dreams and visions of the soon coming of Jesus! And, you are right, it re-ignites our hope. It’s my prayer that this is the intention of the Father. Encouraging us to hang on, to stay the course, the finish line is just in sight! Much love in Jesus, our very soon coming King! Cindy]

  4. What a treat and a treasure I find! First, Cindy, your tremendous and encouraging article and then, here I find in your comments, my dear sister in the ministry, Bee!
    My waking up to the times we are in and to online Christian blogs like yours started with your article 3 years ago, “The Sign of Jonah”.
    Now, Bee & I are part of an online ministry (Tribulation Now on facebook and BlogTalkRadio). We share a passion for commentary like yours, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see her comment.
    Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and writing this blog! Looking up for surely His return draws nigh! Cathy Jean

    [Thank you Cathy Jean! it’s a pleasure to hear from you. I do appreciate your encouragement and I am excited to hear that we have a mutual friend in common. Yes, Bee has been a blessing to me from the first time I became aquainted with her. Her faith and joy in the Lord a constant encouragement to me. How wonderful in this day and time we can become aquainted with so many in our family of faith, how much more exciting it will be when we get to heaven and meet each other face to face. With joy in the soon coming of our Lord! And, thanks again Cathy for writing! C]

  5. Hi Cindy, thanks so much for sharing with us. I have an acquaintance who receives numerous words and visions for a number of years now. Several months ago, and again several weeks ago he posted a word that “during this year smoke will rise from yet another catastrophe……at a time of celebration these things will happen.” The Boston Marathon bomber said they originally were supposed to wait until the 4th of July but decided to do a test run early. I am wondering if there are other terror cells who have attacks planned for the 4th of July – which is 7 weeks from now rather than 6, so it doesn’t quite fit what y’all are thinking, but it is close. I don’t really believe it is time for the rapture, but I believe there could be a disaster/attack coming through which God will guide many believers to safety. The 4th may come and go perfectly peacefully – but I think it couldn’t hurt to just keep a heads up that day. Just a thought – since reading what you posted almost matched some other things I was putting together.

  6. Cindy, It’s Tam. First of all, I didn’t realize your sister’s name was Tamara (that is mine, spelled same way too). Will definitely be lifting her up in prayer (we just went through a cancer surgery for my father who had lung cancer, PTL, they were able to remove it all and so far seems to be good). Lifting you up too, for ears and for potential move. ((hugs))

    Second, wow! What a dream and confirmation. God is really moving and warning. We need to listen to Him and get in the Word if we’ve been lazy.

    Hugs & Prayers

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