Posted by: cindybythesea | January 23, 2012

The Visitor

       Yeti? Or something else?

My daughter and her husband awoke to a series of strange footprints in the snow outside their rural Washington state home on Wednesday morning.  It had been snowing in the Seattle area since early the day before, a steady blanket of snow, (which, would later turn to ice) transforming the Pacific Northwest into a beautiful, albeit, dangerous winter wonderland.

My daughter, her husband and three children live in a densley forested area with a river running just yards behind the home in which they live.  They had turned in early Tuesday night, (as twilight comes early to the deep dark woods of the Northwest this time of year) and passed an uneventful night in the hush of the falling snow.  The next morning, on awakening, a single set of enormous prints or tracks could be seen leading single file from the trees along the riverbank to the back side of the house, where they abruptly stopped just outside the two-story windows of the living room area of the house.

My son-in-law was the first to spot the tracks as he was getting his morning coffee, along with my  nine-year old granddaughter, who, after seeing the tracks came bounding down the stairs exclaiming that  “Sasquatch” had been in their yard.  Seems everyone knows about Yeti!

My son-in-law went out side with a measuring tape and a camera to get some pictures. He measured the tracks to be approximately 17 – 23″ in length, 12″ wide and 6 and a half feet from step to step.  They were enormous!  And, there was only one set of tracks leading towards the house and none leading away.  Whatever had been in the yard, seemed to have disappeared in to thin air!  *  photos linked below

The legend of Big Foot, Yeti or Sasquatch is well-known around the world. Frequently sighted, but, never caught, these elusive creatures leave little hard evidence behind, (to the frustration of those, who have spent countless hours tracking them), which lead some to believe, that they simply do not exist. But, like the UFO phenomenon, thousands of eye witnesses and countless photographs, which seem to prove otherwise, the old addage “where there is smoke, there is fire” seems to apply.

But, just what are these creatures?  Could there really be an undiscovered species in this day and age?  Or, are they something entirely different?  Are they perhaps, less natural, than they are supernatural?  Could they be what the Bible refers to as Nephilim, or something closely related? One website, I found, discusses that very real possibility. Check it out for yourself:    

It’s interesting that just three nights prior to this incident, (Saturday night),  I had a dream regarding a Yeti like creature. Which, I find to be very odd as Yeti is not something I normally dream about!   On Saturday,  I had gone to Waikiki to visit some of the homeless people, who live on the beach (as I do now and then) and for some reason came away at the end of the day feeling a little bit discouraged.  The number of homeless seems to be growing and I began to feel heavy with doubt that anything I was doing was making any difference at all.  That night, I had a most unusual dream.

In the dream, my friend Nan and I had gone to visit the homeless living along the beaches of Waikiki.  For some reason, I decided that the car we had parked needed to be moved.  We walked to the car and got in and I began to drive, but, instead of finding another parking spot to park in, I kept driving until we had reached a remote desert location.  I then stopped the car on a sandy flat and we both got out. As soon as we got out, I noticed some very large tracks in the sand, which led from the sandy  flat to the top of a very steep hill.  My eyes followed the tracks to the top, where, I at once saw the head of a very large and hairy  looking creature peering over the hilltop looking down at us. As soon as I saw it, I  yelled for Nan to get back in to the car and to lock the doors. We jumped in and the last thing I remember is fumbling with the keys trying to get them into the ignition.  [End of dream] 

Three nights later …. large footprints outside my daughters home.  Watching …..  The same feeling I had about the creature in the dream – not friendly, but, not necessarily menacing – just ….  watching.

Leading me to ask, just who was the visitor outside my daughters house that night?  Why is he watching and what does he want?  Is he the same visitor that appeared in my dream just three nights before?  I have to wonder …..

To see the photos taken by my son-in-law Craig, click on the links below. The photo at the top of this post is not one of them, as I could not get them to fit.

*Please pray for those in the Seattle area, who are still without power following last weeks powerful storm.  Both of my daughters and their families were displaced from their homes for several days due to the power outage, one was able to return home yesterday, but, the other is still without power in her area.

And, as always,

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6  Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!   Cindy




  1. Aloha Cindy…I see Raiders on your link list, where’ you’ll find info about “the days of Noah” kine stuff that Jesus said would be the state of affairs in these last days. Also Steve Quayle’s site digs into the subject most seriously ( His Giants research section and his book “Genesis 6 Giants” is the best you’ll find IMO , on the subject. I believe the “veil” is thinning between the dimensions where Ephesians 6 “powers and principalities” flourish. On “our forum” theres a discussion about the boundries of the frequencies “within our dimension” are being breached by malevilant forces….like the boundries of the rainbow from ultra-violate to infra-red. If the bible is true, then the giants are returning and more stuff that “men’s hearts will fail them for fear” of what’s coming.

    I’ve never heard of anything like that in the islands before…only stuff about the “night marchers”. Definitly sounds like something inter-dimensional goin on!

    Lord bless and protect you! aloha, kauaiguy

    [Aloha kauaiguy! Thank you so much for your comment. I do visit Steve Quayle’s website frequently but, have not looked in to his research on giants yet. But, will do so soon. Yes, I agree that the veil is thinning and the day is coming when, it will be hard to distinguish the natural from the supernatural – Yeti, is perhaps, just one example of that. C]

  2. Hi Cindy. Very bizarre indeed!

    Just to let you know, I couldn’t open your photo links. Apparently one needs an AOL account.

    [Thanks Yahda for writing – sorry, you were not able to open the links. My son-in-law sent them to my aol e-mail from which I copied them. Not sure I can think of a way around that. Blessings! C]

    • Cindy,

      Save them to your hard drive; then re-upload them.


  3. Huge Solar Eruptions Spark Strongest Radiation Storm In 7 Years

    They should hit tomorrow around 9am Eastern.

    God bless.

    [Thanks Jay, should be an interesting week! C]

  4. Hi cindy, is there any other way you can post the pictures?? I don’t have an AOL account. Thanks so much for sharing.

    [Aloha Dee, Thanks for writing. I’ll see what I can do to post them from another format. Anyone have any ideas? Unfortunately, I am not the most computer saavy of people. C]

  5. Aloha Cindy…try Free Image Hosting

  6. Hi Cindy,
    As Kim mentioned, all you need to do is right click the images from your mail program then choose “save image as” or “save picture as” to save them to your hard drive. Save them to your desktop so you know where to find them. You can then upload them to this post by choosing to edit the article and then clicking the “upload/insert” icon at the top of the writing controls in WordPress. You’ll get the hang of it and before long, your posts will be filled with multimedia content! 🙂

    • I am not familiar with AOL so the wording on how to save the images may be different once you “right click” them. But you should still be able to save them to your hard drive.

      [Thanks Coreen, Kim and Kauaiguy for your suggestions, it might take me a few days before I have enough time to figure it out, but, I’ll see what I can do. Bear with me everyone, by this weekend, we might have something more exicting to talk about than tracks in snow! Love and blessings to all! C]

  7. Where-ever Holy Spirit filled people are…that ole devil is always lurking around somewhere…

  8. I say it was an angel 🙂

  9. Cindy,

    What happened to your blog from yesterday?


    [Hi Kim, Thank you for the comment you posted yesterday, actually, what you read was a post I had written in May 2010 titled “Son Of A Rebel” – check it out here – And, I agree with your heartfelt desire to lead a sanctified life, which is not easy in the times in which we live. God does call us to lead changed lives and each and every day, with his help and strength, he gives us the power to do so. As for myself, each morning I get up, I know I have one more opportunity today to do better than I did yesterday. Thanks too for your encouragement Kim, it means alot! Grace and blessings to you, in the name of Jesus whose mercies are new every day! Cindy]

  10. Aloha Cindy,

    For some time I have been following your blog. I so enjoy all your insights. I was interested in viewing your pics but everytime I tried it would take me to a screen that said I had to sign into AOL. That made no sense b/c I use AOL and was already signed into my account. I was leary of plugging my password to sign in again so, of course, I did not.

    I found your dream very interesting just 3 nights before your family’s encounter with the mysterious footprints. Lately GOD has been speaking to me through dreams. Some dreams I can interpret as they are quite personal. Truly we are in the last days.

    I know what you mean about the homeless in Waikiki. My son and d-in-law have lived in Honolulu for 17 years. Since I enjoyed travel nursing I worked in Honolulu and lived in Waikiki on 3 different occasions. It was always amazing to me the number of homeless people I encountered. Sometimes I rode the bus to get to and from work. There were those who actually lived at bus stops. I’m sure there are homeless people all over the USA but it just seemed like there was a large homeless population in Waikiki.

    Rita D

    [Hi Rita, Aloha! and, thanks for writing! I’m wondering now if anyone was able to view the photos! I’m going to call my son in law today and see if he can post them directly in to the comments section of my blog – instead of going through an e-mail address. I hope that will work. Well, you are right about the homeless in Waikiki. They live on the beaches intermixed with the visiting tourists and locals – often camping out at the busstops. In one occasion, the city moved the bus stop because the smell had become so atrocious! It’s a growing problem and one that is not going away. Please keep this situation in prayer, I’m sure every city has the same problem, but, with the blessing of our tropical climate here, it is perhaps, more out in the open. Blessings to you Rita! Cindy]

  11. I live in the greater Seattle area, I’d be interested in seeing those pictures. Do they live aound the foothills of the cascades?

    [Hi Mrs. M – they live south of Tacoma near the little town of Ranier. I’m going to see if my son in law can post the pictures directly in to the comments section of my blog instead of going through an e-mail address. Hope that works! C]

  12. Hi Cindy,
    I enjoyed your post, but would still love to see the photos!
    Much love to you as we are continuing to watch for the return of our Lord and Savior!
    Keep the faith and may we always look to Israel and pray for them.

    [Katherine, Thank you for taking the time to write and for your encouragement, it is much appreciated! I’m going to see if my son in law can post the pictures directly into the comments section istead of going through an e-mail. Let’s hope that works! Grace and blessings to you and your family! C]


    [Thanks Kara for helping me out by posting these photos on your blog. I know a lot of people are interested in seeing them. To make things easier, here’s the link] –

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