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Dana Rose and the Crane of 911

    Japanese Crane

The crane is believed by many to be one of the oldest birds on earth and has always been an important symbol in ancient and pagan religions including Islam.

In legend, the crane represents happiness, joy and eternal peace and remains an important symbol in Asian culture and in Buddhism to this very day as depicted in art and ceremony.  According to an article titled “the Legend of the Crane,” – “after the events of 911, one thousand origami cranes were folded and linked together and given to police stations, museums and churches in New York City.”

Four days, before the tenth anniversary of 9/11, a crane (a machine, not the bird) was brought in to repair the damaged National Cathedral. The National Cathedral, as you remember, sustained substantial damage in the earthquake of August 23.  About 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, amid thunder storms and driving rain, the 500 ton crane flipped backwards, damaging three cars and one of the cathedral buildings.  One news article had this to say regarding the incident:

A 500-ton crane doing repair work collapsed Wednesday at the Washington National Cathedral amid thunderstorms and driving rain, damaging at least one nearby building and several vehicles, but sparing the church.

On Sunday September 11, the National Cathedral will host a memorial service dedicated to those who lost their lives in the terrible events of 911. – Of the invited speakers, not one is a Protestant or an Evangelical leader; speakers which include a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Jewish Rabbi and a Catholic Priest. It’s clear to me, that in spite of the token inclusion of the Catholic Priest, the cross of Christ is not welcome at the 911 National Memorial events.

I was discussing this story with my daughter Seven Stars this morning, when, she reminded me of a dream she had approximately two weeks ago. I remember discussing the dream; the dream involved a crane – a machine, not the bird.  At the time, I didn’t give it much thought as it didn’t seem to relate to anything I could think of.  In retrospect, I believe that God was revealing some very important information through this dream; information that would link backward and forward to two other events. One; to a dream I had in March 2010 and two; to the incident at the National Cathedral two weeks later.  

The dream:

In the dream, my daughter is in a restaurant eating breakfast with a group of people and when they finish eating, they go out in to a field to work.  In the distance a large crane is in view, it is being brought to the field as part of the work that will be done that day.  As the crane approaches, my daughter has a very bad feeling about it and warns people to get out-of-the-way, to clear the area before the crane arrives.  But, no one listens and when the crane arrives at the site, it suddenly and unexpectedly collapses; falling over and killing one person.   The person killed is a woman by the name of Dana Rose.  (Dana incidentally is a real person, an acquaintance of my daughters and is from New Orleans – bye, bye, Miss American Pie ????)   The body is removed out from under the crane, but, for some reason, is not covered with a sheet, as you would normally expect, but, is allowed to lay out in the open in full view of passers-by. 

 End of dream.  

When I looked up the name Dana, I found that it is a derivative of the Hebrew name Daniel and, means “arbiter” – in other words, “one who judges in matters being disputed”.

This reminded me of  a dream, I blogged on back in March of 2010, regarding Hillary Clinton and her role as arbiter in the middle-East peace process.  This was back when Hillary was giving Prime Minister Netanyahu a particularly hard time. In my dream, the woman’s name was Rose.  If you would like to read the post, you can read it here; please be advised, the dream is somewhat graphic.

It’s clear to me, that the dream I had in March of 2010 regarding Rose and the dream my daughter had two weeks ago regarding Dana Rose are one and the same. God has made sure this is understood by adding the name Dana, so, that we know that the Rose in question is the one who remains in the role of arbiter.

In my humble estimation, I believe that God is very angry with the meddling of the Quartet and particularly with Hillary Clinton. I believe the woman killed by the crane is Hillary; representing of course, in a much larger sense, the United States, i.e. mystery Babylon.  The unquenchable thirst for power by those negotiating the peace process, will in the end, collapse in and upon themselves; their destruction in full view for all the world to see.   

Take comfort brothers and sisters, these things are not by accident, God is working over time in these last days to show us some mighty things!  Yes, the world system is going to collapse admist great terror and destruction, but, as the incident at the National Cathedral clearly demonstrates; the church will be spared!   

Thank you and come quickly Lord Jesus!  Your bride awaits you!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6   Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


  1. Wow! Rose is a name that became an eye opener about my life and family. It was my grandmother’s name. It is VERY OCCULT and in the occult world, has great meaning to them. The Lord used this name to show me how my ancestors (even though pastoring a church that has since won many to the Lord) were very satanic and involved in a world that most knew nothing about “way back then.” Even to this day most in my family don’t want to know the truth. They want to go on pretending that they were wonderful people when in truth they were anything but …

    Isn’t this happening with Christians today? They would rather believe a lie than to see truth. Hopefully, it will be before it is too late.

  2. This was a really good article, wanted to share it with you too:

    God bless.

    • Jay,
      This article claims 28th and 29th to be Rosh Hashanah. The dates that I have seen is 29th and 30th. While I am very skeptical about any claim, I have found that there is usually some basis for it and I do believe that there are sensationalist’s who use any event to draw attention to themselves even in the midst of good and proper teaching. Almost everything has the ability to draw away attention and violate God’s plan to have Himself and the Trinity to be the object of worship. My take on the return of Christ, it is going to be a surprise. My take on this article is that it claims that Revelation is a chronological book by and large, I’m not sure that you can measure that that way in that John say’s that he was caught up into heaven, he wasn’t sure if it was bodily or not but he was viewing those things that he wrote from that vantage point which is outside of time. The question then becomes do the “rules” of time exist outside of time? If so then how is it possible for him to see what was to happen in the future? He did not say that this was just a vision or dream, he said he was there. The one video I have seen by Seven Theory Ministries, makes it clear that it is a “possible” fulfillment of Revelation 12. I have some problems with the objects or images that are placed in the prominent place that they are in that attract attention to themselves.
      And also is the basis of their ministry theory?
      Waiting, watching, working, and serving. That is what we are to do.
      I do agree with Jack Kelly in that we have to be very careful about who and what we follow, including him.

      • “I do agree with Jack Kelly in that we have to be very careful about who and what we follow”
        That’s the important part and the gist of the article. Lots of rumors and ear-tickling junk-eschatology abounds these days. Always good to remember to keep our focus on the Word and not be swayed by a new “word” from anyone.

        As to the dates for RH, it depends on timezone and new moon cycle. Remember that the next day is already underway in Israel.

        God bless.

      • The Karite’s are expecting the 7th Month New Moon Sighting (7.25% illumination 72 minutes lagtime) after sunset on the evening of 29 September starting the civil year.

        The Orthodox Jews are one day earlier on the evening of 28 September, based on the calculation of the new moon.

        Based on the Bible and the observation of celestial data, I believe the Karites are correct; sunset Sept 29th.

    • Revelation 12 specifically and clearly describes a celestial sign, having at least partial fulfillment nearly every year on Yom Teruah, Elul 29/Tishri 1 on the Biblical Calendar. To label this interpretation as occult astrology as Kelly implies, seems to me to be a profound error, as the scripture plainly declares God created the stars to for signs. Genesis 1:14 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons.” Considering also this sign has a dual fulfillment including the birth of the Messiah .

      But let us show discernment. To say this must herald the rapture is also an error, and in general I agree with Kelly that Revelation is chronological.

      But Revelation 12 also poses a mystery, if as many believe; Jesus will fulfill the Fall feasts with his second coming, placing Yom Teruah exactly in the middle of the seven year period raises more questions than it answers. Read Rev 12 carefully; the flight in to the wilderness is mentioned twice, so is the three and one half years. Is the order clear or purposely ambiguous? Does the Man-child represent Christ Alone, the Church, the 144,000 or all three? Ask me in twenty days, I might have a better answer.

      • The occult aspect is astrology, which is anything to do with the astrological signs of the zodiak, which are not designations nor explanations given by Scripture with regard to the stars, but are tied to occult practice.

        God bless.

  3. Hi Cindy,

    The two messages that really put 911 in to perspective for me were “The Chapel” by Pastor/Rabbi Cahn and “The Vision” by Pastor David Wilkerson.

    “The Chapel”

    The Vision – 1973

    [audio src="" /]

    911 was a call to repentance and humility, and America responded in rebellion, pride, and arrogance.

    The curriculum I am using for the teenagers today is “Drive Through History” by Focus on the Family, the New York Episode tours St. Paul’s Chapel next to Ground Zero where Washington’s prayer meeting was held after his inauguration. That is where the American Government began, April 30th 1789.

    It also mentions that the NYSE also began by meetings under a Sycamore tree

    In light of Isaiah 9:10, Buttonwood, Sycamore and Fig are the same Hebrew word.

    The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars. Isaiah 9:10

    Just a coincidence?

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