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the color purple and the crossroads of the world


 Welcoming the first day of summer with Yoga in Times Square 

On Tuesday June 21, hundreds of Yoga enthusiasts gathered elbow to elbow on yoga mats in Times Square to welcome the first day of summer with an all day Yoga fest. Beneath looming bill boards as colorful and crowded as the participants themselves, people stretched and contorted in an event billed as Mind Over Madness Yoga.


On Tuesday, June 21st, yoga enthusiasts celebrated the longest day of the year with an all day yoga fest. Attendees were challenged to find tranquility and transcendence in the midst of the world’s most commercial and frenetic place, Times Square.

For many I’m sure, it was a day to celebrate the end of a long and dreary winter;  the first rays of summer a welcome sight; warming the body and the spirit against bones that have been cold for far too long.  But, whether participants know it or not, the summer solstice is steeped in paganism, as in the practice of Yoga itself.

It’s no secret that ancient pagan rituals and practices have exploded in popularity in recent years with the advent of television, movies and the endorsement of popular celebrities.  Dormant for centuries, hidden in the dusty cobwebs of antiquity, once forbidden practices have now become mainstream, re-invented and re-packaged for acceptance by the modern mind.

In looking at the photo above, I see arms raised to heaven in a sea of color primarily red, white and blue in tone; the red and the blue colors when blended creating the color purple.  Click on the link below and you will see a number of photos of this same event, which when viewed as a whole, present with these same dominating colors; red and blue.

Not particularly sinister as red and blue are undoubtedly popular colors for workout gear, but, none the less interesting after reading this extrodinary post by my friend Carlos over at Chozeh & Nabiy.

After reading his post, I noticed the predominacne of the colors and the theme of many of the billboards that surrounded the event. If you look closely, you will see the Statue of Liberty to the right, the mask of the Phantom of the Opera and an ad for what I assume to be a Broadway play simply called Wicked – just to name a few.

I’ve never been to Times Square but, from the photos, it appears to be an experience bigger than life – the modern American experience on steroids!  According to Wikipedia, Times Square is also known as the Crossroads of the World and is considered to be a symbol of New York City and the United States.

This past week, three days after the Yoga event, the state of New York made history on June 24 by becoming the sixth state in the Union to approve marriage between members of the same-sex. Known from the 1920’s, as the Big Apple, it’s been said, as Frank Sinatra so famously immortalized in song, that “if you can make it there, you can make it any where,” In other words, New York City, for all that it is – and, all that it is not – for better or worse, represents and embodies, the nation as a whole. And, like a mirror, when looked deeply into, the reflection we see looking back -is none other than ourselves.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on signing the same-sex marriage bill in to law is quoted as saying, “I had to do it.” And, perhaps he did. As representative of the people, our leaders are no more than a reflection of ourselves. He (Governor Cuomo) only parked the car at the destination to which it had been driven.

Join with me in prayer tonight humbly asking God for forgiveness for our part in allowing our nation to become as it says in Revelation 18:2 – “a home for demons, a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.”

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6  Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy





as “the cross roads of the world” was the location for the gathering of thousands this past week on June 21 to celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.


  1. Masks like the one pictured in the ad for Phantom of the Opera are all over the place here in Venice, Italy, where I’m traveling — everywhere. They’re for sale in virtually every shop window, all over the city, some decorated, some not, but all equally creepy. I’m reminded of the masks of the secret, anonymous, spouse-swapping society depicted in the Tom Cruise film, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. The essence of a mask is to hide one’s true self, much as Adam and Eve did in the garden. The essence of following Christ is just the opposite: transparency with God, and with Christian brothers and sisters in community. So too with yoga: it is all about worship of the self and the outward ‘mask’ of the flesh. (Though yoga proponents would say differently, they’d be hard-pressed to say what else it is they might be worshiping.) I’ve been astounded, both in travels here in Italy and also the U.S., how many churches, of all denominations, are advertising yoga as a key way to get people into the church. One wonders what they want them there for.

    Hi Art, Thanks for taking the time to write; I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts from your travels; very insightful! As mentioned, Yoga has been mainstream for a while and has now infected even the church. The billboards looming over the practioners in Times Square seem to say alot, or at least give pause for thought. Thanks again for writing, stay safe and have a wonderful trip! C]

  2. This breaks my heart Cindy, as all I can see is one of my daughters that has been deceived and captured into doing yoga at least three times a day. She lives 8 hours from me and she doesn’t talk to me very often. She doesn’t care for my God anymore and has embraced yoga doctrine that she reads everyday. I visited her in May, while celebrating my other daughters (and her sister’s), college graduation. She and her husband are separated and divorcing with two beautiful little girls, that she left to live with their father. Her new bedroom looked like India, with a table set up like an alter with Buddha and some other god upon it. I didn’t want to know and I could hardly breathe and so I held my hurt, in order not to upset my daughter. I am trying to love her unconditionally and keeping peace between us. I don’t know if I will see her again after this life, so I am doing my best to love her now. I have been blessed with five daughters and I have lost two to the world so far, with two still teetering. I was saved 22 years ago, and I know what I was saved from, but my journey is not theirs and all I can do is pray for them as I
    have taught them His ways and statutes from His Word, and the way to heaven is only through Jesus the Christ. This is not easy to do with many in the church embracing yoga and homosexuality.

    I loved the interesting take on Art’s last post about images. I enjoy art, but I destroyed most of my art and things that I prayed for God to reveal to me as images of idolatry years ago. I live in Kansas City, the second city on earth to have the most fountains and statues as Rome, in my understanding. Many of these beastly statues are quit frightening and disturbing actually. I am not sure I could get through Rome, but I trust Art to give us some interesting revelation and understanding with his visit there.

    As New York moves closer to look like Sodom and Gomorrah, we must keep in mind He who sits on the throne and WINS in the end. I can only pray for the people of NY to repent from their sins and seek the Lord while He can be found. Night is coming, when no man can work!

    [Thank you for writing Tamra, my heart is breaking too for you and your daughters. We live in a age of great deception and sadly our children have been sold lies hook, line and sinker. I work in the medical profession and the number of young people I see on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications is truly alarming! The lifestyles that seem to offer so much “freedom” in the end, enslave and destroy those who subscribe to them. Broken marriages and broken families have taken the toll on our society and we feel the effects, now people are being told they don’t even know what gender they are! What incredible foolishness! Well, hang in there sister, we will be praying with you, please keep us updated. Grace and blessings, Cindy]

    • Tamra – you live in Missouri. I was born and grew up a “Missourian.” I am now finding so much satanic symbolism in Missouri – and Kansas City is a BIG hotspot. There are KC “Christian?” churches on TV that are FULL of Shiva. My best friend drove all the way from the East Coast to attend one of them! (was my best friend)

      My heart really hurts when I read your words. For many Christian parents watching our sons and daughters move into idolatry is heart breaking. Between the drugs and Shiva and sexual perversion.

      I have two – I pray for them daily. I read somewhere the other day where being fearful for our sons and daughters is “fear” and comes from satan. I never looked at it that way. The article was stressing the need for us to lay their lives down at the feet of Jesus and to trust Him.

      I think of the division in families that is coming – where a husband and a wife will go two different end-time directions. It is truly a time where we must put Jesus first and all else (a matter of prayer) and behind us. I pray in faith and trust that the Lord WILL be faithful and bring them in.

      Tamra – keep believing and don’t give up. The Lord honors our prayers; He demands that we walk in faith placing our full trust in Him.

  3. I remember that the President is very fond of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, and has a statue of him in the White House

    Art, maybe the reason that they want the people, is because the people are the to be the mask’s?
    Look at what wikapedia has for hinduism: The word Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu.
    Check out the Hindu Swastika.

    Imagine that, a link between hinduism and the nazi movement.

    And the president has been involved with both of these things.
    Shiva, it seems is one of the Goddess deities that is being worshiped with yoga.
    Let’s see…… the first thing they want people to do is empty there minds. Are you kidding me empty headedness is the one of this country’s biggest problems.

    [Good point Jeff! Thanks for sharing! C]

    • Quote: “empty headedness is one of this country’s biggest problems.”

      Jeff – could not have been set any more appropriately!

  4. Cindy – I appreciate you bringing Yoga to the forefront. Remember the cover of “Times” magazine with our president with something like a total of 7/8 (?) arms/legs. This was a picture of Shiva – also encaptulated in artwork at Cern. Shiva is the foreign god that has infiltrated our churches – connected to Kundalini and all the manifestations – and Yoga meditation is part of it – allowing “anything” to enter your mind while you rest. There is Christian “soaking” (meditation) music which is nothing more that soaking in Kundalini.

    You are the very first that I have seen approach this subject – a subject that needed to be brought to the forefront.

    [Thank you Jeane, who would have believed the day would come when “the church” would embrace hinduism, accept and encourage homosexuality and read from the Koran from the pulpits. And, the majority see nothing wrong with that. Unbelievable! – C]
    Thank you.

  5. June 24th same sex marriage was signed into law in New York. The very next day June 25th was gay pride day. Preceded by the June 21st summer solstice yoga day. What a blasphemous week we’ve had and God will surely give us his answer.

  6. Cindy, good post.

    You mentioned Frank Sinatra’s song in your post in accordance with the “Big Apple” and the paganistic act of yoga, etc. You may not realize just how hard you hit that nail on the head.

    First in terms of “American” consumerism and selfish ambition, this song fits so much that Frank Sinatra’s own daughter (Tina) told the BBC that, “He always thought that song was self-serving and self-indulgent. He didn’t like it. That song stuck and he couldn’t get it off his shoe.” [Hardtalk, BBC, 2000].

    But more than that, Anton LeVay has been alleged to say that “My Way” was the anthem of satanic church. The first law of Crowley’s book (won’t call it a bible) is: do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. In this day and age of “follow your heart,” “be true to yourself,” “do what feels good” atmosphere, this song still ranks high in the occult because it is the epitome of self…most notably self over the Most High God.
    [Great comment Tam! “My way” no longer the title to a best selling song, but, the mantra of the American population. “My way” is now the American way. And, by the way, I love your blog – added it to my blog roll also. Grace and blessings! C]

    • Very true. It has crept into so much of our lives I don’t think we even realize just deep its sinister claws are. And thank you, very much. I’m working on it now, please pray that only what God wants comes out of it. Love & prayers, T

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