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In Due Time


            Haman’s gallows

On October 16, 1946 ten Nazi war criminals were hanged for crimes against Jews.  For some of us that seems like aeons ago, but, as funny as those old black and white photo’s seem, it really wasn’t that long ago.  I bring this up because I learned something  recently which I think applies to those of us who are closely watching the Jewish calendar.

The other day, my daughter and I were talking and she mentioned to me that she had heard that the Nazi war criminals were hanged on Purim.  I didn’t know if this were true or not, so, I decided I would google it when I got home later that night.  If what she told me were true, I thought, it would be an amazing fulfillment of scripture.  Could it really be coincidence that ten convicted Nazi war criminals were hanged on the same day as the ten sons of Haman, who had plotted so many centuries ago to annihilate the Jews?  

So, when I got home, I did just that, I googled it and here is what I found out –

No, the Nazi war criminals were not hanged on Purim, ……. but, they were hanged on another very important day on the Jewish calendar – the last day of the Feast of Sukkot, Hoshana Rabbah, –  which, once I understood the significance of this day, left no doubt in my mind, that the hand of God was involved.

Hoshana Rabbah is known as the day of the final sealing of judgment which begins at Rosh Hashana during the fall Feasts.  At Rosh HaShana, it is believed that the books are opened and the fate of the wicked, the righteous and those in the middle are determined.  A period of ten days is given between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippor for repentance, and while judgment is considered to be closed on Yom Kippor, there is still yet time to repent, up to and until the final day of Sukkot, the day which is known as Hoshana Rabbah

 It appears to me therefore, that God allowed a time of repentance for even these most heinous of crimes and that by the time the hangings were carried out, judgment had been sealed on their unrepentant hearts. 

I’m posting the link to this fascinating story and I hope you will take time to read it. I can’t begin to duplicate it here, nor would I want to, as there is much more detail to the story than I could cover in one short post.

 I think for me, the impact of this story is two-fold.  1) –  it reminds me, that those of us who are watching the Jewish calendar are right on track – as this is part of the way God reveals his hand at work in history.   2) – as potential prophetic dates come and  go, don’t be discouraged, for Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but, my words shall never pass away”. Luke 21:33.  In other words, we have his word, that in due time, our watching will be rewarded.  

We have just passed the third solar eclipse to fall consecutively on Av 1,  don’t fret, don’t worry!  God set the signs in the sky;  he hasn’t forgotten what he was going to do with them!  They are significant and we will see why – in due time.

As Esther replied, to the King Xerxes when he asked her for her request after the triumph of the Jews over their enemies, “Give the Jews in Susa permission to carry out this day’s edict tomorrow also, and let Haman’s ten sons be hanged on gallows.” Esther 9:13 

From all appearances, the tomorow Queen Esther requested was fulfilled on October 16, 1946.  Never fear that God’s enemies and the evil they do will go unjudged.  Just as God’s arm is not to short to save, it is also not so short that it cannot reach through time, to dispense his holy and righteous judgment on those who refuse to repent.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee!”  Psalm 122:6   Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy



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  2. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you. The Feasts of the Lord are His Feasts. The Feast of Sukkot is the Feast of the Nations and The Feasts of Tabernacles for the nations. Let us go unto the House of the Lord, unto the last great day of the Lord, the eighth day.

    Let us celebrate our inheritance with these Feasts. They are days of remembrance the Lord has for His Kingdom to gather and join in fellowship and communiom of His Oneness with the Son, Messiah, Yeshua. Let us remember the exodus as slaves from Egypt, in Boothes. There was no room at the Inn, for on the 8th day, Yeshua was taken to the Temple and presented to Simeon……

    Let us give praise unto our Lord for He is good and His mercy endureth forever…….


  3. Good insight!

    I hope to be home for this holiday!

    A must read…



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