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Gone Fishing


 Fishing Waikiki

I spent the afternoon today at Waikiki, but, this time without a beach towel.  My friend and I had been talking the last few weeks about going to Waikiki sometime for the sole purpose of witnessing.  I thought this was a great idea – sometime!  I’ve always like to teach and consider it my gift, more or less, but, evangelizing ….. ummmmm …..not so much. Which is not to say, that over the years, I have not taken the opportunity to share with family and friends, because I have, but, cold call witnessing; getting out on the street kind of stuff – uh ….. not my bag.  But, in studying Matthew 24 as a good watchman should, I found myself face to face with the last few verses of the chapter which ends with the parable of the wise and faithful servant, a parable which challenges us to be busy about the Master’s business, until he returns. As I thought and prayed about these verses, I felt myself being challenged to come out of my comfort zone, to step up to the plate in ways that I never have before, so that I might not only be a witness for him, but, that I might also be a witness of him – to the great and marvelous things he wants to do through the work of his people in the days before his return.  I truly believe, this is what he desires.

With all that is happening lately; earthquakes just about every other day, volcanos blowing their tops and society unraveling faster than a kitten with a ball of yarn, we may sometimes feel as if we just want to find a mountain top somewhere, where we can go, sit, pray and – wait.  But, that is exactly what God does not want us to do.  God wants us to be busy about his business to the very last hour before he comes and I believe this is why he ended the Matthew 24 discourse in the way that he did.

Now, I know that being busy in God’s work is highly individualized and relative to our family and work responsibilities.  I was talking to my daughter about this the other day and she is eight months pregnant.  Undoubtedly, the degree to which God expects to use her at this time in her life is different from how he expects to use someone like me, someone who no longer has the responsibility of small children to care for and has a lot of free time on her hands.  So, I believe it is all relative.  But, what I do see for myself are windows of opportunity, windows which for one reason or another, I have chosen to avoid in the past.

 the fisherman and …. the fish

As I mentioned above, my friend and I had been praying about this for a while and finally decided today was the day.  So after church this afternoon, we packed our water bottles, sunscreen and sunglasses and headed for the beach – ready to go fishing.  Today was typical Hawaii weather, sunny but, not too hot; temperature in the low 80’s.  Waikiki beach was bustling with people as usual.  Surfers and tourists, locals and snowbirds and an ever increasing number of homeless.  I had a small Bible packed in my bag and we had a few tracts which we had selected to take along as well.  In praying about our approach, we decided, the way we thought God could use us best would be by interacting with people.  We didn’t want to simply thrust a tract into someone’s hand and walk away. 

As we walked along the beach, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead us.  So many people; where to start.  We saw three women sitting at a table, one in a wheel chair.  We walked up and said, “aloha”  and introduced our selves.  We ask them where they were from and they told us they were visiting from Canada.  They also told us that they had one more day on the island before they had to leave. We told them we had come to the beach to talk to people about God and to find out if there was anything we could pray for them about. Two of the women said yes and told us they had been having some problems with asthma.  So, we prayed – we prayed for their asthma, we prayed for a safe flight home for them and we prayed the message of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, God’s son  – we then left them a tract, wished them God speed and went on our way.  And, this was our pattern for the afternoon.  No, we didn’t lead anyone to salvation and no, we didn’t speak to dozens – we spoke to a few.  And, everyone for whom we ask if we could pray, said yes.

I have to say that this afternoon was a real blessing and we both agreed we wanted to go fishing again  – soon.  Did we do everything perfectly, probably not – we know we have a lot to learn, but, trust God to teach us and equip us along the way – but, for us, it was a very rewarding and joyful first try. 

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “And, I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they will prosper who love thee. Psalm 122: 6.  Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy





  1. It sounds like you planted some seeds. The Spirit draws men to Himself and finishes the work! Great start ladies.

    Cindy, I love reading your posts. They are interesting, informative, shorter and easy to follow. I am always blessed and thankful for
    fellow watchmen like you.


    • Hi Tamara, Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for your encouragement! It really is great to know the seeds we plant are not dependant on us but, the Holy Spirit. Keep us in your prayers! Grace and blessings to you and your family! Cindy

  2. LOL, Tamra beat me to the punch. Was going to mention seeds, watering and growing.

    I wanted to say bless you for your obedience to go beyond your comfort zone and do as you felt led of God to do! And thanks for sharing that journey with us. It’s encouraging and uplifting and I will add prayers to yours for those people you spoke with. Don’t know who they are, but our Father does!

    • Oh, Tam, that really means so much to me!!! Thank you, I do covet your prayers! Grace and blessings! Cindy

  3. Hi Mom, just wanted to add that even if you talk to somone who is already a Christian, I know from my own experience that it feels so nice to have a stranger come to you and ask if they need prayer.
    Im not surprised that no one said No, everyone can admit that they need help from beyond their own control, its that deep desire to be conected to Jesus.
    Sometimes on the surface things may appear to be fine with people, but we never know what may really be going on inside. I think you did a wonderful thing, and you never know how much you may be changing someones life, my experience was has impacted my entire life, and I want you to know that you may have impacted someone elses life as well, its a powerful thing. Be proud of what you are doing and keep doing it, sometimes its just the simple act of kindness that can lead someone to something great or open that door for them to seek God. Trust the Holy Spirit and He will lead you to those that are calling out to God.
    Fishers of Men, or Treasure Hunting…. LOL goes hand in hand. Love you Mama, Im so proud of you!!

    • Hi Kristin, Thank you so much for your encouragement! Wow! You know a big part of my inspiration to get out and talk to people and pray with them stems from what happened with you. I see how much it changed you and how God has so powerfully used it in your life. And, as your mom, I am so eternally greatful!!! Part of that gratitude is offering myself up to God to be used in the same way for some one else if he so chooses. (Posting the link to your story for any one who has not yet read it: Love and blessings angel, I love you very much! Mom

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