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an island named Diego

    Diego Garcia (aerial view)

Positioned in the center of the Indian Ocean is a little known atoll by the name of Diego Garcia.  It’s a tiny “footshaped” island just 22 feet above sea level with a land mass of  approximately 6,720 acres.  One thousand miles from the southern tip of India, Diego Garcia has been used as a military base for the United Kingdom and the United States since the early 1960’s and 70’s.   By virtue of its close proximity to the middle east, it is a choice location for strategic maneuvering in the area and was used in both the Gulf War and the War with Iraq.  Lately, Diego Garcia has been in the news again for the hundreds of powerful bunker-buster bombs being shipped there from California.  The obvious intention, for use in a war with Iran, should diplomacy and sanctions regarding their nuclear program fail.

I began thinking about this yesterday after reading Ultra Guy’s post “Jerusalem, Jerusalem” (if you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so, its excellent!) .  With the current “frosty” relationship that’s developed between the United States and Israel in recent days over the Palestinian issue, it occurred to me that the weapons being amassed at Diego Garcia could easily be used by the Obama administration as either a “carrot or a stick.”  In other words, “we can help you or we can hurt you.  Your choice.”  Would the United States actually do something like that?   Remember, there is a powerful spiritual force behind these leaders and that spiritual force has but one agenda; the destruction of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish people.   Many of these world leaders have one public face and another private face.  Some are knowingly engaged in deception and double talk, while others are simply puppets.  Most of the world sees, what they want us to see and if not for the spiritual eyes given to us through the Holy Spirit, we too, would see only the cards they have placed on the table in front of us.  A good magician, never reveals his tricks, if he works his “magic” well, you never see how the trick was done, you only see the results.

There is something very interesting going on with this island, Diego Garcia.  First of all, consider its shape – it is”footshaped” and because it is footshaped, it has been dubbed the “footstep of freedom” for the many military operations that have originated there in recent years.  And, also, because of its close proximity to the middle east, it provides a natural stepping stone to the region.   But, wait there’s more!!!!  Diego Garcia also has a very  interesting name history.  One that strangely enough ties it to the current Israeli/Palestinian crisis.

 To set the stage, let’s start with a little history.  Diego Garcia was first discovered in 1512 by a Portuguese explorer by the name of Pedro Mascarenhes who upon its discovery named it Dom Garcia after Dom Garcia de Noronhas, Commander of the Spanish Armada to the area.  Sometime between 1512 and 1599, the name of the island Dom Garcia was changed to Diego Garcia, no one knows for certain how this happened, but, it most likely was due to an error by a mapmaker who wrote the name down as Diego instead of Dom.  The error was never corrected and from 1599 forward, the island has been known as Diego Garcia. 

Now, this is where things really get interesting.  Dom in Portuguese means “Lord or Master.”   Garcia means “like a fox“.  And the name, Diego, in Spanish is James or Jacob.  Jacob in hebrew means “supplanter” or “one seizing the heel.”  Don’t you just love it!  What are the chances that a little known footshaped island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, whose name means “seizing the heel” would come to play such an important role in middle eastern affairs during end time events.  Isn’t God amazing!!!  Do you see a thread forming here?  Incredible the foreknowledge and handiwork of God in the smallest of details!

The issue confronting Israel is the two-state solution; creating a homeland for the Palestinians.  Palestinians if you remember are descendants of Esau, the twin brother of Jacob.  Esau was born before Jacob and because of his seniority was entitled to the birthright and the blessing of his father Isaac.  But, Esau did not value or appreciate having the birthright and sold it to his brother Jacob when he was hungry for a bowl of soup.  All of this prophetically indicated at the time of their births, when Jacob emerged from the womb grasping the heel of Esau.  (Genesis 25: 19 – 25).  Thus, the name Jacob, which means “supplanter” or “to replace.”  Jacob as indicated by the name Garcia, was “smart like a fox” and seized the opportunity to receive God’s blessing when he had the chance.  Something God in his perfect knowledge knew and anticipated.


Amassed on the “footshaped” island of Diego Garcia (Jacob, like a fox) are what I call – weapons of mass persuasion.  Weapons which may be used in the blessing or cursing of  the descendants of Jacob.  It will be interesting to see what kind of pivotal role Diego Garcia will play in the days ahead.  But, no matter what happens, we have the sure word of the Lord – and the story of Jacob who “seized the heel and seized the blessing” all depicted  – in an island named Diego.

Grace and peace in the name of Messiah Jesus, watching with YOU for his soon return!   Cindy



  1. Great research, Cindy! (And thanks for the ‘plug’ — you are too kind.)

    I find this kind of thing tremendously reassuring.

    The ungodly would scoff at such connections. I see them and think, “My Dad arranged that! Isn’t he *awesome*!!”

    • amen brother, amen!

  2. […] in the middle of another big ocean that was once the tactical flash-point for another big war, has done some great research on what Diego Garcia means. I think you’ll be […]

  3. Dear Cindy,

    Please come thou Anointed One. They trusted in God that He would deliver Them. Let Him deliver Them, since He deligted in Them.

    Let us watch & pray for the Messiah Christ return. We also know that the ‘Lawlessone’ must come. Lord, give all of your saints the spirit of understand.

    May the peace of our Lord The Christ be upon you and all that are of you.


  4. Up-date:
    I’ve been thinking more about this and realize even the name change from Dom to Diego is significant. Dom which means “Lord or Master” to me indicates the one with the original birthright (Esau), but, the name was changed to Diego – indicating like the name change of the island, that the birthright would go to another, (Jacob) – and that is exactly what happened!
    May we be (wise/smart like a fox) like Jacob in desiring the blessing and relationship with God, that his brother Esau so foolishly forfeited. Cindy

  5. Diego Garcia has a terrible history of slavery and, later, usurpation — the land was literally stolen from the natives (coconut farming decendants of slaves) in order for England to annex it to America. It has been illegally occupied since the early 1900s and has been the facilitator/launching point of much deviltry and bloodshed in the Mid-East and West Africa region.

    In my humble opinion it is not so much shaped as a “foot” as it is a “hoof” — a cloven hoof. The devil’s footprint, if you will. A more fiiting description of its bloody place in history.

    • Hi Witness, Thanks for writing. It’s true Diego Garcia has something of an unsavory history. But, I’ll point out both the shape of the island and the name it was given, both pre-date its history. It’s the confluence of these three things – name, shape and CURRENT events that make it so fascinating to me – all of which are independent from some of the awful history of the island. Diego Garcia may be pivotal at this juncture in time – its name and shape shadows of the awesome foreknowledge of our God.
      Grace and Blessings! Cindy

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