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a rose by any other name

    american beauty rose

I want to share something with you that I think may be important.  It’s centered around a dream I had last night, a rather disturbing dream.  Without getting off on the whole subject of dreams, suffice it to say, that I believe some dreams are from God.  I don’t have these types of dreams often, but, when I do, for me to believe they were anything more than a nebulous conglomeration of the busy week I’ve had at work or too much spicy food, they must meet a certain criteria.  First of all, the dream must be very memorable and clear in all its details.  The details must be very specific – not too generalized.  And, the dream must also have elements  I can connect to the word of God.  And, even then, I cannot say unequivocally “this is from God” –  all I can say, is that it could be, it may be, it appears to be.

As I mentioned, the dream I had last night was disturbing; it was also graphic. I would not share it here, except that after researching it this morning, praying about it and thinking about it all day, I’ve come to believe that it’s important. Hopefully, by the time I finish this post, you will see why.  *Please bear with the re-telling of the dream –  I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.   If you’re not comfortable with graphic details (and who is) – please, read no further.

Awakened from the following dream at 2:08 a.m.  –  *In the dream I am told the following information; almost as if I am reading it.  I never actually see the individuals involved.

 A woman is holding a man captive; under her domination. She with holds food and water from him in order to keep him in a weakened condition.  She enjoys this; she does it as a matter of control.  Her name is Rose and from time to time, Rose goes into the man, where she puts a glove over her wellmanicured hand.  With a glove covered finger, she inserts it into the man’s rectum applying pressure to certain areas.  She does this as a source of both pleasure and pain.  She enjoys the control she has over the man.

This was a disgusting and abhorent dream and when I woke up, I felt sick to my stomach.  It’s not the kind of stuff I normally dream about and I don’t watch movies or read books with this type of content.  It’s also totally unrelated to anything I have ever experienced. The first thing that came to my mind on awakening, was to pray.  I thought perhaps there was an actual man somewhere being abused and held captive – someone who needed prayer. So, I did, I prayed.  But, when I got up this morning and had time to read my Bible and pray, I realized this was probably not the case.  So, the next thing I did, was to ask God if this might have something to do with Israel, as Israel is always on my mind.  Whenever I ask God these types of questions, I pray first and then open my Bible to whatever chapter it happens to flip open to and then read, hoping to get some sort of  answer to my questions or at least some additional understanding on a subject. Today  when I did this, it opened to Nehemiah chapter 6.  In this passage, Nehemiah and the Israelites are facing opposition to the re-building of the walls of Jerusalem. 

From verses 2 & 9 – “But, they were scheming to harm me …. They were trying to frighten us, thinking, ‘ Their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed.'”

After reading the entire chapter, I was convinced, the dream had to do with Israel and not some other event.  So, I prayed –  “Lord, if this is really about Israel, –  if this is what I think it is, –  show me what it means and how it all fits together.  But, first of all Lord, – who is Rose ??? ”



The flower commonly known as the Rose is designated and adopted as the national floral emblem of the United States of America, and  the President of the United States is authorized and requested to declare such fact by proclamation.

It appears to me, by virtue of our national emblem of the same name, that Rose must be the United States, and she is; –  but, I had a sneaking suspicion there was much more to it than that.  This Rose is not just any Rose, she is America’s sweetheart Rose. 

This may seem off the track, but, I think it ties in.  While researching roses this morning, I found an excerpt from a review of the 1999 movie “American Beauty” starring Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey.  I’ve never seen the movie, but, I was struck by this excerpt from the review.

“Our lives are tinged with illusion, pretense and fear.  American Beauty explores the dark, comic, tragic and ironic dread to truly know ourselves.  We pretend we are someone we’re not.  We desperately cling to the sweet lies we force ourselves to live, and we only succeed in becoming more lonely and estranged.  To salve the empty yearning, we often fall into the allure of sexual musing and fantasy.  What the sages of the sixties often called the despair of inauthenticity forms the ironic core of the upper middle class suburban life of American Beauty.  The crimson petals of the American Beauty rose form a fitting symbol for the primordial power of the tempestuous goddess of love.”

The American Beauty rose; once known for its sweetheart appeal; a symbol of the beauty and virtues of the country we hold so dear, now like the movie which bears its name, has become tarnished and tawdry – a beautiful symbol for a virtueless country.  As Shakespeare said,  “would a rose by any other name, smell as sweet?”  I think not.

Natural Born Sweetheart   On February 14, 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was presented with red American Beauty roses while visiting Qatar for an international US – Islamic conference.  You can find the article here, its titled:  “A rose for Hillary. When God blessed Hillary, God blessed America!”

And MORE Roses for Hillary    America’s not so sweet, sweetheart 

On Vice President Joe Biden’s return from Israel, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a follow-up phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  In a 43 minute phone call which was described as terse, Mrs. Clinton expressed the anger of the Obama administration regarding the new housing developments in eastern Jerusalem.  While Prime Minister Netanyahu did his best to apologize for the timing of the announcement, Mrs. Clinton was not to be appeased. She went  on further to tell the Prime Minister, that the United States expects Israel to take specific action to show they are committed to the relationship and the peace process.  After the phone call, Israel was once again condemned by the Quartet of powers (the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations) for the settlement plan.  You can read this story here in detail:


The dream I’ve related here is ugly. The woman in the deam, as evidenced by her well manicured hand, is a person of wealth and power. When it comes to interaction with the man, she keeps him under her subjection, donning a glove to shield herself from the dirtiness of her deeds. By wearing the glove, she may also believe that she is able to stay clean in the situation –  that none of the filthiness of the job will come off on her.  The man is obviously someone who is being kept in a position of being used, abused and manipulated.  The woman and those in power over him, seek to keep him in a weakened, dependent condition.  In fact, they relish it.  I believe the two individuals in this dream are specifically Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and although they more widely represent their respective countries, I believe the issue in question here, really has to do with the 43 minute phone call between them.

Why did God show me this dream?  I don’t know.  But, what I do know is this, the longer we continue to use and abuse our relationship with Israel, the more likely judgment is in coming.  Perhaps in showing me this dream (and all of us in the wider sense), God is showing us  how HE views the situation – the 43 minute phone call – and it isn’t pretty.  Do we not realize, that God is acutely aware of every detail – every thought, every word, every action, every phone call ???    He is!!!   And, his patience may be wearing thin.   Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!  They shall prosper who love thee!








  1. Cindy,
    I want to share a dream I had yesterday that is similar and speaks to the same issue of Jezebel and her sorceries.

    The dream was basically an impression of knowledge– not so much as ‘seeing’ it, but just knowing it (as though hearing a story). I knew that there had been a drug dealer who was importing drugs into the country– and the method he used was to hide drugs inside the bowels/anus of greyhound race dogs, and then ship them into the country. I then knew that this drug dealer got caught doing this, and I then saw a vision of a vet who, with gloved hands, was checking over this greyhound dog (it seemed it was at a checkpoint to cross into the country), and she happened to touch just top of the dog’s tail, and felt a lump. I took it from this, that this is how the drug dealer got caught. Somehow he was hiding drugs in the rectum of the dogs. – End.

    One thing I would like to share also is the understanding that the EUNUCHS are the ones who ultimately cast jezebel down from her lofty tower. A eunuch is an emasculated male– their masculinity is greatly diminished. Scripture tells us that the eunuch is a “dry tree” (and we see why– Jezebel “with holds food and water”). I discovered that all greyhound racing dogs are neutered/spayed– i.e., “eunuchs”. On a personal level, believers have the “voice of the bridegroom” inside us…. but if that voice is quenched by jezebel’s sorceries, then we have ’emasculated’ Him in us. We are those neutered greyhound “racing” dogs…. and the only way to be free of jezebel is to cast her down from the tower of our mind without a second thought. Then, as Caleb and Joshua said of the giants in the land, she will be ‘food for us’ (as it was dogs who devoured jezebel).

    Anyway… there is more than a national application to this. I thought I’d share the personal /individual one. There are many people who find themselves in BONDAGE to those who who try to CONTROL others through deceptively “spiritual looking” means. We should all be aware that there is only one voice of the bridegroom… and if we quench that Voice, then we have become a eunuch in serving Jezebel. Hopefully they will hear the voice of Jehu (Jehovah is he) and cast her down.


    • Hi Cheryl, Thanks for sharing your dream with us and your interpretation. I think its very interesting. When I read it what I thought about was this – to me, the drugs seem to represent pharmaceuticals/healthcare bill and the reason I think is because of the greyhound dogs in the dream – greyhound dogs are very fast racing dogs and it makes me think of the “speed” with which they are trying to get the healthcare bill pushed through – and, the drugs hidden in the dogs represent all the “hidden stuff” within the healthcare bill that most in congress have not even had a chance to read yet – will the drug dealer get caught? I don’t know – maybe – I just saw a news article a few minutes ago titled – Impeach Obama -but, haven’t read it yet – I can tell yo this, having this health care bill pushed down our throats, is not going over well. But, we’ll see. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your dream, I think it is a very accurate portrayal of the current political situation. Grace and blessings! cindy

  2. Oh…almost forgot the blessing for the eunuchs who do cast her down…

    These “dry trees” are given a place “GREATER than that of sons and daughters.” (Isa. 56:5).

  3. Cindy, did you see this?

    • Hi Cheryl, No, I had not seen that. Thanks so much for sharing it! Let’s get it passed on to everyone! Cindy

  4. Cheryl and Cindy: Greyhounds are also a symbol of Ancient Egypt.

    Roses are also symbolic of the Illuminati and inclusive of all their satanic symbols.

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