Posted by: cindybythesea | January 12, 2010

a week for watching

*Up-date:  For an excellent post on this same subject, check out the piece titled “Signs in the heavens, proliferating in to Coherence” by Ultra Guy over at New Wineskins:

Friday, January 15, will witness the longest eclipse of the third millenium.   Up to ten minutes in duration, it will be visible from across central Africa, the Indian Ocean and across Eastern Asia. This particular type of eclipse is known as an annular eclipse, (as opposed to a solar eclipse), which means the apparent moons diameter is smaller than that of the sun causing the sun to look like a ring encircling the moon.  A solar eclipse, on the other hand, is when the moon passes between earth and the sun, totally blocking the sun from view, causing the otherwise unseen corona to be visible.

For those of us watching for the soon return of Jesus any heavenly sign is regarded with great interest as solar eclipses are regarded to be signs to the nations and lunar eclipses to be signs for Israel.  Could this longest eclipse of the third millenia be the heavenly symbol of the bridegroom coming for his bride?????

The week of January 15, 2010 is also one of a new moon, a new moon is when there is no moon light at all, this would be important in providing the much needed coverage of  darkness should an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities be decided upon.  Interestingly, Israel is holding its largest emergency operation, Exercise Orange Flame this week in antcipation of a probable biological attack by Iran, if an attack against them is launched.

This is a week for watching.  The return of Jesus one day closer than it was before.  In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, life on this planet will be changed forever, for the better, if you are a christian taken in the rapture, for the worse, if you are left behind to face the horrors soon to be unleashed in earth’s final seven years of history. These events will not be isolated to the middle east, some thing  soley observed on the evening news.  Instead, they carry with them global implications that will affect every one on the planet.   If you don’t know Jesus yet, ask him to come in to your life, to  forgive your sin and to  fill you with His holy spirit.  If you know him, make your calling and election sure, by walking with him as Enoch walked (in close relation) so that you might be found “worthy” (by the blood of Jesus) to “escape all these things”.  Luke 21:36

Watching and waiting with you, blessings in Messiah Jesus, Cindy

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