Posted by: cindybythesea | November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I’m wondering how long the Friday following Thanksgiving has been called “Black Friday.”  The busiest shopping day of the year was obviously dubbed “Black Friday” in the hope that the Christmas shopping season might put businesses who had previously been in the red all year, into the  black.  Last year, “Black Friday” truly lived up to its name, when a Wal Mart employee was trampled to death by eager shoppers stampeding the store for early sales.

As I sit here this evening, thankful and full from the blessings of time spent with friends and a wonderful turkey dinner, I’m wondering how it is that we, who are so thankful on Thursday can be so greedy by Friday.  Apparently, the duration of our greatfulness ends just about the time the last of the leftovers have been put into the refrigerator.    Some time between bedtime the night of Thanksgiving and the morning of Black Friday, what we HAVE gives way to what we WANT.   Which leaves me wondering, at what point ,we have failed to realize that part of thankfulness is contentment.

Contentment is a spiritual attitude that is pleasing  to God.  Discontent is to say that what God has provided for us is not enough.  When God provided manna in the wilderness for the Israelites after they left Egypt, God was greatly angered when they were not satisfied.   Like the Israelites, we as Americans with bellies still bloated and full from the feast and blessings of God, crave for more. 

In these days before Jesus returns, I pray that we, the people called by his name, might be able to demonstrate this Christmas season, the simplicity and joy that comes solely from knowing Him.  With Jesus in our lives, we lack for no good thing.  No gift under the tree, no box tied with ribbon can  compare.  Joy to the World, the Lord has come ….. and that’s enough for me!

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