Posted by: cindybythesea | November 13, 2009

coming to a mall near you (?)

I came across this piece of news from an incident at a shopping mall that took place yesterday.  What incensed me more than the incident itself was the attitude of the Lt. who investigated it.  Apparently a man shopping at the mall was attacked without provocation by another man who ripped a crucifix off his neck while shouting”Allah is power” and “Allah is great” and other anti-christian sentiments.  The perpetrator of the attack was a 22 year old mall employee by the name of Abdul Hamid who was working at one of the mall kiosks.  911 was called by some of the other frightened shoppers and the man was subdued by authorities who charged him with assault, battery and robbery.  You can read the story here:  

  As terrifying and disturbing as this incident must have been, what incensed me the most is the reaction by the police Lieutenant who handled the case, Lt  Mike Elerick of the Pleasanton Police Dept.  In the article, Lt Elerick is quoted as saying “the man’s speech was similar to the loud speech of the Christian activists who frequent down town Pleasanton.”  Excuse me!!!!   His speech similar to that of Christians????  When do Christians physically assault, terrorize and rob others?  Unbelievable!  This country has lost its collective mind!  Is there no rational thought anymore?  Political correctness fueled by fear of retribution has spread its rabid poison to even those we once held in highest esteem; i.e. police officers and others who have taken an oath to protect and defend us.  Hmmmmm ….. next time I’m at the mall, I’ll be wearing my star of David necklace as usual, to show my support for Israel and my love for the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.  Will some crazed mall worker on his own personal jihad lunge my way seeking to rip the pendant off  of my neck or worse?  Kind of makes one think, doesn’t it?

          “If the world hates you, keep in mind, that it hated me first” John 15:18    

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