Posted by: cindybythesea | September 16, 2009

I am my beloved’s and he is mine

The Bible talks alot about the second coming of Jesus like a bridegroom coming for his bride.  If you’re not sure of the verdant love this bridegroom has for his betrothed, just read the Song of Solomon and you will soon be convinced!  This bridegroom is head over heels for his gal!   Wow, what a love story!  A beautiful jewish love story!

The New Testament is replete with references to Jesus our bridegroom coming for his bride, the church. What might at first, seem like odd references to things like “virgins being ready with oil lamps”, are not so odd, when one begins to understand the Jewish wedding as it was in ancient times. 

In the days of Jesus, when a man and a woman were bethrothed, a price had to be paid for the bride.  She was valuable and the young man, if he wished to have her hand in marriage would have to offer all that he had.  After the price was negotiated and accepted  by the father, the groom to be would go back to his fathers home to prepare a place for himself and his bride to live.  Only when these preparations were complete, could the wedding take place. If anyone should ask the young man when the wedding would be, he would have to answer, “I don’t know, ask my father” for only the father could determine when the preparations were complete.  Once the father deemed the preparations satisfactory, then and only then, could the young man go to get his bride.  In the meantime, the bride is waiting, not knowing exactly when her husband to be would come. It was up to her and her bridesmaids to be ready at any time. They knew some night at midnight, a shout would be heard and the groom with his grooms men would descend upon the  house to take her and her bridesmaids to the wedding.   It was traditional for this to take place at night, so it was important that the young virgins/ bridesmaids have oil in their lamps so they could be ready at a moment’s notice.  Once the bridegroom arrived, it would be a hustle of activity and there would be no time to go and find oil for anyone who was not prepared.  The groomsmen on finding the bride would lift her up and literally carry her on their shoulders to the bridal chamber. There the bride and groom would enter and stay for seven days for the consumation of the marriage.  At the end of the seven days, they would emerge and the party, the wedding supper would begin.

What a perfect parallel to scripture!  How much Jesus loves us!  So much, that he paid the ultimate price for us – in fact, all that he had.  The father would accept nothing less!  Our bridegroom, gave his life for us and has been gone these past two thousand years preparing a place for us.”  Some day soon, when the Father says the preparations are complete, he’s coming back for us.  With a shout and the sound  of a trumpet, we who are waiting, will be caught up in to heaven to join our bridegroom in the wedding chamber.   At the end of seven days (years) we will emerge for the joyous celebration of the wedding supper of the lamb!

As I think about this story, how it unfolds with such beauty, I wonder if the bride is as excited to see the bridegroom as he is to see her?  Its interesting to note that the month leading up to the Feast of Trumpets is the month of Elul. The month of Elul, is symbolized by an acrostic made from the the hebrew letters from the name of the  month.  The letters form an acronym, which in hebrew is: ani l’dodi v’dodi li – from the Song of Songs  I am my beloved and my beloved is mine“.  Wow, when I read this, I was just blown away!  It seems that God has pulled out all the stops to show us how much he loves us.  What a beautiful lead in to the month of Tishri and the feast of Trumpets.  Listen closely, I think I hear him coming now!


  1. Mom, its pretty cool how everything ties together. Very interesting information and a lot of things to consider in the coming of Jesus.
    Love you mama!

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