Posted by: cindybythesea | September 9, 2009

Is anyone paying attention?

I’ve been feeling a little melancoly lately, feeling a little like something near and dear to me is slipping away.  Its the kind of feeling I had when my marriage had come in to its final days.  The tighter I tried to hold onto it, the faster it slipped away; kind of like trying to hold sand in a fist, the tighter you hold it, the faster it slips through your grasp.   As I read the daily news, my heart breaks at what I see.  Part of the pain that grips me, is knowing that I, along with my generation, are greatly responsible for what we are seeing fall upon our children, we are reaping what we have sown and our children and grandchildren are paying the price.

From all appearances, God is in the process of giving us over to our enemies. That he has done so, should come as no surprise, given the course we have allowed this country to take in the last forty years or so.  As individuals, I know that as long as we have breath there is hope, salvation and mercy before God, but, as a nation, I don’t think so.  I believe his judgment is set and we are in the final process of reaping what we have sown.   After all, is anyone really paying attention anyway?

Yesterday, I read an excellent article that I would like to pass on.  I encourage you, if at all possible, to take the time to read it.  The writer, Bill Cloud from Shoreshim ministries does a superb job likening what is happening in our country to the sinking of the RMS Titanic. (You can get to it, by clicking on Shoreshim ministries listed on the right side of my page under blogroll,-  once its up, look for the heading in the middle left of the page titled ” a word from Bill”), I promise, you’ll be glad you did!  Like the Titanic, few realized, as the boat took on water, that the great ship was irrevocably doomed. The many warnings of dangerous icebergs ahead had went unheeded, until in the end, it was impossible for the great ship to recover from the damage that had been done.

When the flag of a communist country, (China)  flies over the capital of our great land, do our people not find that disturbing? When the President can’t find time to make the national prayer breakfast, but, has plenty of time to host a dinner in honor of Ramadan, does that not give us pause for thought?  When states like Michigan are unable or unwilling any longer to help support historic events such as the annual state fair, but, have money enough to fund groups like Access (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services) are we not just a little bit bothered? 

Europe has already put its neck in the noose, by allowing one set of laws for muslims and another for non-muslims.  In other words, making exceptions to the law for those who live under sharia law and those who do not. For instance, in some European countries where polygamy is illegal, it is now, (for fear of offending or causing trouble with the muslim community) been made legal – for muslims, not Europeans.  In our own schools, here in the United States, children are encouraged to learn about the muslim faith and religious observances such as Ramadan are touted, while Christian and Jewish holidays are banned, except for in the most secular sense i.e. Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, okay, – but, no Jesus, God or ten commandments, thank you!

For those with their heads in the sand, it will be a rude awakening, when they discover that Islam means exactly what they say, when they say, “death to the infidels“.  Islam is not and never has been a benign religion. What they are not able to accomplish peaceably, will in the end, be done by force.  I now understand those mysterious words from Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 “And I saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God.” Beheading is still the favored method of Islam for dealing with infidels (those who refuse to convert to the faith).

As I feel the tilt of this great ship as she begins her slide beneath the water to her final resting place, I think my greatest remorse is for those whose ears remain deaf to the warnings being sounded all around them. The din from the clinking of the china and the strains of the orchestra making merry, give the false impression to those unaware, that everything is alright, when its not.    For me, I think my grip on this world just got a little bit looser – even so, come Lord Jesus, your children are ready to go home.


  1. You know what’s ironic, is that anyone who watches the movie Titanic or reads about it, thinks…. “Oh I would have been on a boat, I wouldnt have been walking around like nothing is going on, I would have been saved and probably would have taken as many people with me” Well the truth of the matter is we are in the same “boat” and yet most are doing nothing. Of course history is 20/20, its easy to stand back and say “I wouldnt be that stupid”. Look how easy it is to be a critic, but what the truth of the matter is, even if people know that we have already hit an “iceburg”, they are choosing to believe that this “ship” will sail right on thru. I for one wish it would there are still many things in this life that I want to experience (its a natural human emotion), but I cannot ignore the fact that I am not in control of this and I have to be ready for the worst… although it isnt as easy as getting into a life boat, we have to be spiritually ready. It is important to know what is going on around us, but equally important to spend time on just being in fellowship with the Lord. Many things are out of our control and they are so far gone that no matter how much we wish things were different, the course of this world has been set, it is out of our hands, only God can save us now.
    This “ship” is going to go down, but for those of us watching we can be thankful that we have been given the warnings and plenty of lifeboats to see us thru (way in advance might I add).
    Many praise and blessings to you Mama, you do what you do, and I feel your compassion, love, and pain thru your words… this is not easy, but do not feel burden or responsible for those who just flat choose not to hear, you are doing your part and reaching those who do choose to hear. I know God is very proud of his little Cindy Lou Who.
    I love you, you are very special Mama!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement sweetheart! I think the greatest joy in writing this blog for me is in knowing that you and Kara are reading it. Its been a while since your mom has been able to provide you with any spiritual guidance and so for what little its worth, I’m very thankful that God has given me that opportunity again.
    You know the closer we get to heaven, the more this world fades and I’m absolutely sure whether we’re 8 or 80, once we get there, in the presence of Jesus and all that he has promised us, any unfinished business here will be long forgotten and not one of us if given the opportunity would want to come back. The best is yet to come! Focus on Jesus our ark of safety, I love you very, very much! Mama

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