Posted by: cindybythesea | August 27, 2009

Bumper Stickers

I have a necklace I wear every day.   For me, wearing it makes a statement, kind of like having my own personal bumpersticker.  Bumper stickers are kind of an interesting cultural phenomenon, in using them, we have found a  way of letting the world know exactly what we think, without saying a word!    To see me on the freeway is to know me!  I was once called for jury service for a murder trial.  In the selection of the jury, the judge ask the potential jurors, what kind of bumper stickers they have on their cars. Evidently, even the courts agree,  a bumper sticker goes along way in telling  people  who you really are.  For one thing, you can be sure the owner of the bumper stickers believe in their cause, they must, –  because once you apply the darn things, you can never get them off!!!!   Bumper stickers, they’re a real art, kind of entertaining on that mundane drive into the city every day.  You know, you’ve seen them.  The patriotic bumper stickers, the ones that proliferate  faster than bunnies at election time,  the gastronomical bumper stickers, the kind  that tell the world along with our expanded stomachs that we “love to eat at Joe’s”  and last but, not least, those  bumper stickers that if their slogans were deleted, would say “bleep, bleep, bleep!   But for all this talk of bumper stickers, I have to admit, I don’t have a single one, at least,  not on my car.    But what I do have is my own personal bumpersticker, a small turquoise and silver star of David that I wear every day.

The Star of  David, is centuries old and dates back to King David in Old Testament times.  This six sided star also sometimes referred to as the shield of David, symbolizes God’s rule over the universe in six directions – north, south, east, west,  up and down and is representative of how King David had to rely on the might of God for fighting his battles rather than relying on his own strength.  Since that time, the Star of David has become synonymous with the Jewish people.  In Hitlers Europe during the second world war, all Jews were required to have this emblem sewn on to their clothing for identification.

For the most part when I wear the star it goes unnoticed.  Occasionally some one will notice it and ask me if I’m Jewish and of course the answer  is no, because I’m a gentile.  Why then do I wear the star?   I guess quite simply put, its for God to see.  If others see it and remark about it, that’s fine, and I welcome the opportunity to talk about why I wear it.   But, most of all its a tangible way for me to show God that I recognize and respect the eternal covenant he has made with the Jewish people and the land of Israel.  Its also a way for me show my greatfulness for the Messiah Jesus who by God’s design came to us through the Jewish people.  And lastly, its for showing  my support for Israel in these troublesome days which will culminate in the return of  Messiah Jesus himself.

What we,  (individuals and nations)  think about Israel and how we treat her people matters, in fact, it matters a great deal!   The Bible says that nations and people will be judged by how they have treated God’s people, Israel.  In this century two of the greatest fulfillments of Bible  prophecy have occurred.  The restoration of the nation of Israel in 1948 and the restablishment of Jerusalem as the capital in 1967.  At the end of September, a plan will be brought before the UN General Assembly by President Obama for dividing Israel into what is being called “the two state solution”.  This proposal includes not only a plan for dividing  the land, but, a plan to place the temple mount under arab sovereignty and  muslim control.  If  this decision is carried out, there will be serious repercussions for all nations involved.   By a miracle, God brought back the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth to re-establish the state of Israel and by a miracle in spite of her many foes, God will keep her there!  And anyone who tries to do otherwise has been forwarned:    “I will make Jerusalem an  immovable rock for all the nations, all who try to move it will injure themselves”  Zechariah 12:3  

Lastly,  God’s promise from Genesis 12:3  remains:  “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) and curse them who curse thee”   Join with me won’t you and  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love  thee”  Psalm 122:6


  1. That is absolutly true, we must pray for the peace in Jerusalem. God certainly has been good to our country and I believe most of it is due to our support of Israel. But just as important that we support Israel, we as Christians need help Jewish people come to know Christ. A wonderful organization called Jews for Jesus has a free news letter if anyone is interested. I highly recommed it!

    Love and Peace


    • Thank you for your comment Kristin, you make a very good point – the best and most important way we can support Jewish people is by introducing them to their Messiah, Yeshua. For any one interested, Jews for Jesus is a great organization – I’m going to post their link here:

  2. very good column today, mom. You are such a great writer. Very interesting, everything seems set to go for the rapture.

    • Without a doubt, it could be soon. The feast of Trumpets at the end of next month is high on my list for probability. Keep looking up, Jesus IS coming soon!

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