Posted by: cindybythesea | August 18, 2009

of Mermaid tales

This article caught my eye the other day when it appeared in the news, “Mermaid sightings claimed in Israel.”  In case you missed this unusal story you can read it here :   Fishy as it may seem, the unusual combination of Israel and Mermaids immediately drew my attention.  Israel in the news these days is always something to pay attention to, but, mermaids?  I have to admit that is a combination, that  I would never have thought of putting together!  Israel and King David, yes,  Israel and Stars out of the East, yes,  but, mermaids?  –  that  was a new one to me!

As it turns out, there is a quite famous location near Jaffa known as the Mermaid’s Rock or Andromeda’s Rock.   On this rock, mythological  Andromeda, was said to have been chained  to be sacrified to a sea monster due to her mother’s bragging (bragging about what, I’m not sure).  Anyway, she was apparently rescued by her husband to be, Perseus and thus survived the ordeal to live forever after in legendary lore.   You can see a photo of this famous rock here:

I have to admit, I began thinking about this story a little bit more in depth after reading JRed’s blog at Look Up Fellowship today.  Check it out, he makes such fascinating correlations to the subtle things happening in the news today and Bible prophecy.  I didn’t quite get the connection at first, as I had always thought of mermaids, for what ever reason to be whimsical figaments of an over active imagination.  Too much grog, on the part of most sailors, most likely!    But, after reading Look Up Fellowship, I realized that mermaid sightings are most often viewed as a “bad omen”.  I never knew that, I guess if you had asked me before, I would have guessed them to be more of a lucky charm.  But, I went on-line and verified at several sources, that it is indeed a bad omen to see a mermaid.   Tie that together with this tasty bit of information regarding  the vaccine for the H1N1 virus and you have a “bad omen” indeed.   Apparently, the vaccination is derived from a product of a company called Crucell, which utilizes the cells of an aborted baby in the production of some vaccines.  The cells used in this production are referred to as  Per.C6, a shortened version of the full names, which is Persius,  the latinized form for Perseus.  Could the meaning be any more in your face, as JRed might say, when you realize the name Perseus means “destroyer“!”     To read more about this, go to one of my other favorite blogs called “New Wineskins” – you can get to it by clicking onthe link on the side bar.

In these last days, the spiritual war that is being waged is going to intensify in ways that most of us could never have imagined.  The battle rages, but, the VICTORY has been won!  Hold fast to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!


  1. Very interesting. This is clearly no coincidence. Could it be that the offspring of the nephilim are rising once again, and we will continue to have these encounters as satan gears up for the big showdown at Armageddon. I believe he is gathering his Army and the mostly unsuspecting world will soon have to pull its head out of the sand and admit to the things many have been in denial of.

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