Posted by: cindybythesea | March 20, 2020

Silencing The Noisy Din

Broadway closed due to Corona virus

We have entered into what I believe to be a unique period in history. A time when the whole world is at a virtual standstill. Every one on the same page at the same time more or less. Major cities as well as small hamlets have become virtual ghost towns with people like mice venturing out only when necessary in search of something to eat.

I like the photo above for demonstrating the degree to which we are bombarded with constant destraction in our lives. Even without sound it virtually shouts at us for attention. And because of this very few find opportunity for real quietness in their day. Between jobs, family and recreation/entertainment there simply isn’t enough time. At least that is what we think. But circumstances have changed all that and now like it or not we have been forced to slow down.

My husband mentioned to me earlier today that One For Israel has been overwhelmed lately with inquiries; and that’s a good thing. “One For Israel” is a Messianic Ministry primarily aimed at reaching Jewish people for the Messiah, Jesus. Evidently while confined at home some people are using the time for searching the web and many of them out of boredom, curiosity or fear are looking to Christian Ministries and organizations for answers. I’m sure One for Israel is not the only one receiving such inquiries. And I think that God in his mercy has provided a short window of time for doing just that.

There is a verse in Jeremiah that speaks of this.

The sound of a cry comes from Babylon, the sound of a great destruction from the land of the Babylonians. The Lord will destroy Babylon: he will silence her noisy din.” Jeremiah 51:55

A din is a loud, unpleasant and unwelcome noise, clamor or clatter. And God is going to silence it. Why? Because it has been keeping people from hearing him.

Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51 address the destruction of Babylon. It is fascinating to read and one can see why there are many who believe these chapters speak to a future Babylon or Babylonian system (America/Mystery Babylon) and not just the historical one.

Going back to my opening paragraph I can’t begin to stress enough the uniqueness of the time in which we are now living. I can think of no other time in history when the whole world was basically on the same page at the same time. Unprecedented! And God is using it for his glory!

Right now we need to be praising God and thanking him for this window of opportunity. I do believe it will be short. As far as this earthly life is concerned I see no good ending to the situation in which we are in. When this is over (in my opinion) life as we know it will be dramatically altered with a global population ready and willing to accept a charismatic new leader who will fearlessly lead them forward into a new world order. Civil unrest and chaos on a mass level will be the force that drives it and people will not only welcome, but embrace it when its time.

This is the point to which we are moving. A swift moving stream catching up everyone (and everything) in its path. An avalanche rumbling down a mountainside uprooting boulders and flattening trees only to gather more momentum as it goes. This is the path the world is on. Its dangerous and its destructive. It will promise life but deliver death. The only place of safety is in Jesus. Please, if you haven’t done so already, trust him today.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with you for the soon return of Jesus! Cindy


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