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Breaching the Wall

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“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the son of man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking,  marrying and giving in marriage until the flood came and took them all away.”  Matthew 24: 37-39

Mark this day on your calendars – and mourn – for it is a day from which there is no turning back.

It can be no coincidence that the landmark decision to approve same-sex marriage in all 50 states was publicly announced on June 26, the 9th of Tammuz.  The millennia old Judeo-Christian concept of marriage between one man and one woman giving away to the collective “wisdom” of 5 individuals – who call themselves supreme. In one day, the bedrock of society, the family structure as set apart by God and nature has been swept away. And, the repercussions couldn’t be bigger.

Why is the date of Tammuz 9 important?

On Tammuz 9, 423 BC, Nebuchadnezzar’s troops breached the walls of old Jerusalem and entered the city. Four weeks later on Av 9,  the Holy temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled to Babylon. Likewise, in 70 AD, the walls of Jerusalem were breached not on Tammuz 9 but eight days later on Tammuz 17 and the second temple was destroyed once again on Av 9 – the same date as the first..

Keep these dates in mind for they are critical to the timing of what may be ahead.

If you follow Bible prophecy at all, you are probably aware that the United States (and, the world for that matter) have been courting God’s judgment for some time. And, many of us have wondered how much longer the Lord would stay his hand before bringing about the justice and judgment that we so much deserve. Well, we need wonder no longer – that day has arrived. Like dominoes set to fall – Tammuz 9 is the first in line to go. Which is fitting as 9 in the Bible is the number of completeness or finality.

What’s the big deal some would say?  Does God really care that much about marriage? Of all the evils that occur in the world, why would marriage between two men or two women be the final straw to draw the wrath of the Almighty?

Well, there are a lot of reasons – one of which, may be demonstrated in the very near future in a very painful way. For Tammuz 17 is also, the American fourth of July this year. And this can be no accident. For besides being the day of the breach of the walls of Jerusalem 70 AD, Tammuz 17 is also the day Moses descended the mountain (Mt. Sinai) to find the people sinning by worshiping the golden calf – a symbol of the life they had left behind in Egypt.

God had brought them out to a life of freedom but, they desired to go back to a life of slavery, where they had leeks and onions to eat – the side benefit to living next to those who lived in luxury even if it meant being a slave. So, what did Moses do when he saw the people sinning like this?  In anger, he threw the tablets of the law – written by the finger of the Almighty himself – to the ground  – smashing them in to pieces. Which was wrong for God’s law must always be upheld!

This is exactly what America is doing. We have been blessed from the foundation of this country with freedom – but, the freedom we have enjoyed is now despised and a freedom of another kind is desired. We no longer want freedom by God, we want freedom from God. For many see the ten commandments as a wall of restriction when they are in fact, intended as a wall of protection. And America in the last few years has been in the process of methodically striking down the ten commandments  and God’s law from every area of life – particularly, the public arena.

“We have no King but Caesar” they say. “The government is our King. It is the government who establishes ( or takes) away our rights at their discretion. Not God.”   Smash!

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With this we have successfully made clear to the creator that we will not be bound or owned by him. In our rebellion and our ignorance we fail to understand that in so doing we have exchanged freedom for slavery – the reality of which will not be realized until it is too late. So, in essence its not just marriage – it is in fact, a final form of rebellion.

I think it is entirely possible that some wall of national security was breached today – Tammuz 9. With reports of Isis just over our very porous southern border this is far more likely than it is far-fetched. And, on Tammuz 17 (July 4) while the nation is reveling in its new freedom from the bonds of traditional marriage – while people are eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage –  we may well feel the pain of that breach in ways we may have never once thought possible – until 9/11.

But, for some reason it was a lesson never learned.

Like Psalm 2, the kings and rulers of the earth have gathered together against the Lord, and against his Anointed One, (Jesus) saying –

Let us break their chains and throw off their fetters“.

To which the One enthroned in heaven laughs, the Lord scoffs at them – and, rebukes them in his anger.

And, you know sometimes, you really don’t want what you asked for. Something we’re about to find out the hard way.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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From a Country Porch

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I spent a lazy afternoon today browsing through an antique store in the small country town of Bayfield, CO. It was the kind of summer day you remember from your childhood – warm and slightly hazy, clouds flying high over head like pennants blowing in the wind. It’s interesting looking through stores like these …. kind of like going back in time. There were tons of old photos. Men, women and children frozen in somber expressions belying the excitement they were probably feeling at having their photos taken – a novelty at the time. Kitchen ware and gadgets that remind me why I am glad I was not born a century ago. And, beautifully carved furniture – hardwood – meant to last longer, a whole lot longer than the people who bought them.

I went outside for a while and sat in a rocker while my friends were still inside looking. And, I thought this is what contentment feels like. There was a large steamer trunk which made me think of those who made the voyage to this great country to start new lives. A old enamel cooking stove of the kind my grandmother used when I was a kid, the kind that burns coal or wood and makes the best biscuits you ever tasted. An old hand crank ice cream freezer, a horses bridle and an American flag. This and more sharing the porch with me on this beautiful yet ordinary day.

It was a different time and place back then. A hard time, but a better time in many ways. Hard in the sense of survival – you either made it or you didn’t – but, easier in the sense of knowing and understanding the most basic elements of life. For some reason, the modern life that we are living today has imparted a sense of confusion to a whole lot of people. Confusion over gender, sexual and racial identity and more. Questions that a thousand generations before us were simply answered at birth. How strange that at this point in human history things that were previously taken for granted have suddenly become unclear.

Not so in the natural world  – for I never saw a daisy in distress because it wasn’t born a rose. Or a buck standing in the forest who thought he was a doe. The Bible makes it very clear that God created each species to reproduce after its own kind – and, this is what we see in nature – and the Universe, a natural and harmonious order – no stress, no confusion. So, why of all species do we struggle with these issues?  And for a culture bent on obsession with this – if you’re not struggling now – you will!  For “they” won’t be satisfied until everyone questions something about themselves – or is at least in wholehearted endorsement of those who do.

It’s sad to think that there are those who genuinely struggle with these issues today. A number by the way far fewer than they would have us believe, I might add.  But, we aren’t plants and we aren’t animals and the threads that contribute to our mental make-up are complex and many.  But, what is more tragic than this is the leap to conclusion that the best way to deal with these issues is to give ones self over to it. In other words, what ever you think you are – you are! Go for it!  But if this were true, we would see, I believe a dramatic reduction in suicides, depression, alcohol and drug addiction. But, it simply isn’t true – we won’t – and these numbers will unfortunately go up, not down.  And those who sought healing will find they have been sold a bill of goods.

I think of Jesus and how he was trained in the skills of a carpenter. A carpenter understands the framework of his project from the inside out. With loving skill he takes up the wood. He holds it in his hands. He weighs it, he feels it, he examines its grain. He draws from his imagination and determines from his experience and wisdom just what it could be and what it is worth.  I ask you then, my friends – who better then to heal the splintered fragments of our lives?

What we think is impossible is always possible with God …. and,

Jesus is the answer, he is always, the answer,

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


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Standing in the Surf

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I remember when I first moved to Hawaii back in 1999. I was excited to be living near the ocean for the first time in my life. I knew how to swim but, had no experience with water outside the local swimming pool, where I grew up.

One day not long after I had arrived, I traveled to the North Shore to one of the more popular beaches. It was a beautiful sunny day. The waves were rolling in at a steady pace and I was anxious to get in to the water.  Wading out in to the surf, I had no more than began to enjoy the warm tropical water swirling about my knees and upper thighs,  when, wham, one of the incoming waves, much more powerful than I had expected pummeled me down in to the surging water.

Suddenly instead of enjoying the water, I was under the water caught in a swirl of stinging sand and salt that took my breath away and stung my eyes.  Gasping, I struggled to get up when, wham another wave knocked me down. Again, I struggled to get up. But, before I could get my feet under me, I was knocked back down again.  By the time I finally made it out of the water, my hair was full of sand, my swimsuit (also full of sand) was sagging about me in a most unbecoming way and blood was streaming down my leg from a serious of minor cuts received courtesy of the unforgiving reef. I was a mess and felt like I had just emerged from the spin cycle of my washing machine!  Not the kind of day at the beach I had imagined!

It was not until sometime later that I began to understand that in order to enjoy the water safely, I needed to swim out beyond the breaking surf where the water was deeper and much more calm. Once I figured that out, I  began to have a good time  swimming, bobbing and floating on the incoming swells. But, it was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. In my naïve way, I had assumed the deeper water further out was more dangerous than the water closer to shore. I was wrong.


I’ve been feeling kind of beaten down lately. Have you ever felt that way? I’m sure you have. Two days ago, I came home from my night shift job to find the ceiling of my living room had caved in during the night from a water leak – a virtual waterfall was raining down from the ceiling on to my carpet and furniture. Wow! For a moment it was surreal and I wondered if I had fallen asleep on the way home and was dreaming – a nightmare! But, no, it was real. And, I made a quick call to the manager of the complex I live in who rushed over and got the water shut off for me. Since then it has been a series of disaster crew clean up, plumbers and carpenters coming in to give me estimates on repairing the damage. I also found out I need a new furnace and of course wrangling with the insurance company. Needless to say, I’ve felt overwhelmed.  And, depressed. Wham, that was a darned big wave and I sure didn’t see it coming.

Once knocked down, the waves kept rolling in. Some of my own making. “I hate working nights“. “Why, did I leave Hawaii, it’s not the same here“.  “I‘m tired of being deaf; hearing is such a struggle, it makes everything harder” …. “even with the insurance this is going to cost me so much”  …..   poor pity me …..why, why, why …. and, so on and so on.. Standing in the surf!  Bam, down again!

I picked up my Bible to read this morning and I opened to a passage from Luke. It was chapter 19 and although the context of the passage has little to do with my circumstances, the following verse stood out to me. Here Jesus, addresses Jerusalem just prior to his arrest and crucifixion.

“If you … had only known on this day what would bring you peace”. Luke 19:42

Wow, those words really stood out to me. If I only knew what would bring me peace.

But, I do! I know its Jesus! 

So why am I feeling this way?

And, a little voice inside whispered ” get out of the surf”.  Get out of the surf!  For even as Christians, there are times we insist on standing in the surf.  Struggling and going down fast in the circumstances of our lives …. allowing ourselves to be knocked down again and again ….. instead of swimming towards the deeper, safer water of the Father where he can carry us and lift us up even in the most difficult and times of our lives.

But, if we never go there (towards the Father) …  we can never experience it (the peace he offers )….. it’s a  choice, one we must first recognize  – and then act upon.

A thought that has given me a great deal of comfort as I’ve meditated upon it today …… and though my circumstances have not changed, I know that that is where I need to be and where I want to be …. and, that makes all the difference.

Swimming to Jesus – now!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!


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Jew Enough For Hitler

Featured image   Eliezer Urbach,

Many years ago, I was privileged to make the acquaintance of holocaust survivor and Messianic Jew Eliezer Urbach and his wife Sara. Eliezer and Sara were living in the Denver area where they were serving with Chosen People Ministries and were in fact, pioneers in the fledgling Messianic movement at that time. Over the years, we were privileged to facilitate a number of speaking engagements for Eliezer in the mountains of Colorado where we were living. It was Eliezer’s passion to share how he a Polish born Jew and holocaust survivor came to faith in Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah of Israel.

Eliezer was always straight forward with his message and had a knack for getting to the point. Of all the things I remember him saying, this one phrase stands out in particular. I was Jew enough for Hitler“.  His passionate response to those who would question his status as a Jew since coming to faith in Messiah. If you heard him say this once, you would know with all certainty, the matter was settled. End of discussion. And, he was right. With that one phrase there was nothing more to be said.

I bring this up for the simple reason that the number of holocaust deniers seems to be growing by the day. Couple that with those who would deny Jewish right to the land even going so far as to question “if Jews are even Jews” and you can see that the state of Israel and the Jewish people are being marginalized at an alarming rate …. even among evangelical Christians, who once provided their broadest base of support.

It seems that everybody today wants to be a Jew. Not that they would ever apply that label to themselves. No, what they covet is the promises given to the seed of Abraham but, not the responsibility. It’s not the Jews who are impostors (for those who would cite Revelation 3:9) but, rather those who claim that the promises and inheritance were never theirs to begin with. Oh, the sneaky subtlety of the serpent. This is not to say that everything Israel does is perfect, of course not, for the majority of the population remains in unbelief. But, that is changing exponentially in numbers not seen since the day of Pentecost and will change in whole, as it says in Zechariah 12;10  and 13:1

“And, I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son. …. On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity”.

We have to remember this is an unfolding story ….. and, while it’s nearing its conclusion, it isn’t finished yet. But, it will be. God’s word assures us of that.

God’s promises are true and brick by brick, stone by stone the land of Israel and its people are being rebuilt in preparation for the grand finale, the return of Jesus to the land and its people. I spent 3 weeks in Judea and Samaria in October 2013 (the West Bank for those who don’t know any better) and, its amazing to see how this rocky and formidable land is blossoming as prophesied under the watchful eye of God. There is no doubt that the recent history of this little piece of real estate sitting in the middle-East is anything but a miraculous fulfillment of his word.

It may not be popular or even politically correct, but, I stand with my friend Eliezer (who has since passed on to be with the Lord) –  who made it very clear in his own distinctive way –

I was Jew enough for Hitler“.

And, that to me, friends, says it all.  Nothing more to say. Case closed.

And, as always ….

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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The Solemn Truth

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We live in a time, when the cross of Christ has become culturally irrelevant to many. Resigned to a piece of jewelry, a stylized home ornament or a cemetery marker of days gone by, its influence and presence in the hearts and minds of those who claim the name of Jesus, at least in theory, is waning.

I took a walk through my hometown cemetery in preparation for memorial day. It was interesting to see, even in this sacred place, the shift in culture. I thought back to the missionary cemetery in Honolulu I once visited (actually several times) where stones were replete with references to the cross, hope in the Lord, and Biblical inscriptions of every kind. Today, we find pithy sayings, references to favorite activities or hobbies and inscriptions boasting ones standing in various clubs and organizations (including churches) as our last word and testimony on leaving this earth. The cross of Jesus and the hope it represents traded for worn clichés and the things of life that were never intended to endure

And, while the influence of the cross and the name of Jesus is fading in to the background of American and European culture, surprisingly, it is resurging in the middle-East where Christians today are enduring persecution of the most horrific kind. This today on WND

Isis beheadings spark gospel surge

And, while this seems absolutely amazing it should come as no surprise as its long been said, “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church (gospel).

And, while many of us wonder what can be done to reverse the current trend – it should be obvious by now, that the only thing left for shaking this culture out its complacency is for the church to experience what is happening in the middle East. We may not want to hear this but, its true. And, we know within our heart of hearts, if we are honest with ourselves that For God to do so otherwise would be remiss.

What the American church today has failed to accomplish with its gimmick programs, watered down gospel and compromising spirit will be only be accomplished when God strips away all the things that have kept us from making our relationship with him the heart and soul of our lives. And, that my friends is the solemn truth.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”  Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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Bless the Beasts and the Children

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 “Bless the beasts and the children …. for in this world, they have no voice ….. they have no choice …”

How many of you remember these hauntingly beautiful lyrics from the 1971 pop song by the Carpenters “Bless the Beasts and the Children”? At a time when music was changing from soft pop to heavy metal it was amazing how popular this song became – largely in part, no doubt, to the incomparable  and rich voice of Karen Carpenter. And, maybe just maybe …. it’s message.

Looking back now, it seems ironic that such a beautiful song with such simple yet profound lyrics would enjoy such immense popularity and just two years before the land mark decision Roe V Wade legalizing abortion in 1973 …. making America no longer a safe place for children – children with no choice …. no voice.

“….  keep them safe … keep them warm  ….”

As I think about my mom this mothers day and my own children, I grieve for those who were lost in the ensuing years …. the babies …. and, the mothers …… who never were.

It can’t be easy to make that decision. To terminate a pregnancy. From our core, we are created to nurture and protect our offspring. It would be easier to make a river flow upstream or turn the waves from the shore than it would be for a mother to do anything but nurture and protect her child … born or unborn. Yet, the statistics seem to say otherwise for in the time since Roe V Wade there have been over 57 million abortions in America alone. A number so staggering, it has become incomprehensible.

“….light their way when the darkness surrounds them  ….. and give them love, let it shine all around them …”

We can look here or there for the reasons behind these statistics, social trends, culture shifts. But, when it comes right down to it …. it is one woman and one baby at a time. And, I wonder if we had blessed, cherished, loved and valued more our own daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives this number might have been different. A whole lot different. For abortion, I would guess is almost never a sole decision. A soul decision, but not a sole decision.

I can only guess at the gaping hole this would leave …… fabric torn so deep within the soul it can never be mended … or so it would seem. By God’s grace I have never found myself in the situation of an unwanted pregnancy although in all honesty, I could have. So, I can’t speak directly to that but, I have my own deep scars that I have had to deal with and I can tell you first hand that the love and forgiveness of Jesus is the only place where true and lasting healing begins. I say begins ….. because it is a journey …. walking with Jesus.

If you have never heard this beautiful song by the Carpenters take a minute to listen to it now. I know you will enjoy it.

And, to all of you who are mothers – whether to earthly or heavenly children – Happy Mother’s Day!

and, as always –

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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No Rabbit Trick

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“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie”  2 Thessalonians 2:9

Who doesn’t like a good magic trick? With flare and sleight of hand, a good magician can make us see what our eyes cannot believe. So, it will be with the man the Bible refers to as the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Messiah, the lawless one. His coming according to the Bible will be marked with all kinds of signs, wonders and displays of power. So, powerful in fact, that even the elect would be deceived, if that were possible.

The President and the rainbow

Image result for obama and rainbow Jamaica

The photo above was twittered by the Whitehouse as the President departed Jamaica a couple of weeks ago on April 9. Interesting, it looks as if a rainbow is emanating from his finger tips. Kind of odd isn’t It? Causing me to wonder why they continue to publish these messianic type images so prevalent in the early days of his Presidency in spite of his continued drop in popularity over the past few years.  Is it simply an attempt to recapture the magic of his early campaign …… or, is it perhaps something more?

The rainbow is of course, a symbol of God’s promise following Noah’s flood to never judge the earth again by water. With the family of 8 saved aboard the ark, it was the opportunity for a new beginning. But, in the last few years, the rainbow has been hijacked from its Biblical meaning to become a symbol for the lesbian and gay movement. And, with the President leading the charge against traditional marriage, it is perhaps appropriate that the rainbow in the photo above is seen emanating from his finger tips.  After all he did promise change.

One of the hallmarks of the anti-Christ will be to oppose the laws of God, thus, the lawless one. In leading the charge against traditional marriage that is exactly what Mr. Obama is doing – opposing the laws of God. For what God established from the beginning, Mr Obama and those like him seek to change – for marriage and the family demonstrate the very nature and character of God as set out from the beginning – from creation itself, which is why, the destruction of these foundational relationships (marriage and family) is so very grievous to God whether through same sex marriage, divorce, adultery, fornication or any thing else that would do harm to these sacred relationships.

We must be careful of those who seek to sell us on this  ….. it may appear as simple and harmless as pulling a rabbit out of a hat but be assured …. it is no trick –  its serious business and one with lasting consequences. This calls for wisdom, strength and repentance on the part of the saints – for we, too have been guilty of these same things. I know I have. And, the Lord is impressing on me that it is only through true humility, deep understanding and the unshakeable conviction of his holiness that we will be able to stand and persevere in these increasingly difficult and changing times – for the days we are living in may well test us in ways we have never been before.

May God help us to be found ready  ….. and, as always –

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee”   Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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Operation Jade Helm or Jade Knife? – ***Updated

Image result for mayan jade ceremonial knife   Jade Knives

From July 15th of 2015 to September 15th 2015,  the U.S. military will be conducting a massive drill throughout 9 states in an operation dubbed “Jade Helm” which will as mentioned encompass 9 states and involve Army Green Berets, U.S. Marines Special Ops Command, U.S. Navy Seals and U.S. Air Force Special Ops Command.

Take a look at the logo for this special operation?

Image result for jade helm logo

Rather unusual, wouldn’t you say?  “Master the human domain“? What’s that all about? And, what is its relevance to this exercise? Note also the stylized letters – obviously Asian or Chinese in appearance. Why?

How many of you know that Jade is a very hard stone? Decorative in appearance it is also harder than iron and was frequently used in military and ceremonial rituals by both the Chinese and the Mayans. And, because of its hardness, it is a stone that cannot be carved or chipped away at – instead it must be worn away or shaped by abrasion – a task that requires immense patience. Kind of like turning the helm on a very large ship – hence Jade Helm.

I was reading a post by one of my favorite Christian bloggers and accomplished Scholar Luis Vega and he had this to say about Operation Jade Helm:

“The word helm is used to steer a ship …. and jade to the ancient Mexicas or Mexica and Maya was primarily used in the sacrificial instruments that tore out the living hearts of its captives and victims. Would this term Jade Helm be an encryption that the nation like a boat is about to be harshly turned and sacrificed on the altar to have its heart cut out metaphorically?”

It’s also interesting to note that the 9 states involved (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, Utah and Nevada) comprise to a large degree territory that once belonged to Mexico. And, now we know that Isis has established a base camp just 8 miles from the Texas border and have most likely been passing back and forth across our ill secured border for some time now. Add to that the abrupt closure of 5 Wal-Mart stores within these same states due to “plumbing problems” – and, you have something that should make even the most hardened skeptic put on his tin foil hat. For there’s something that stinks here alright and its not backed up sewers.

I was talking to my daughter Seven Stars about the Wal-Mart closures as many have been speculating on the likelihood that 5 stores in various different states required immediate and prolonged closure due to plumbing problems all at the same time …. And, if you buy that one, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you!  But, what would be the point?

There’s a lot of conjecture out there from Fema camps to confiscation of their fully stocked inventories but, I thought my daughter hit upon a good one ….. what if these stores were covers for something larger ….. something being delivered to them over time ….. something no one would suspect when a big semi-truck pulls up to unload at night at one of these mega stores? hmmmm …. something to think about right?

Keep an eye on this one folks ….. we’re three quarters of the way through the tetrads and we know that Jesus is coming soon. Whether we live or die, we have nothing to fear. And, as always ….

**** Be sure to read this very important article from Running From Babylon …. I think I understand a whole lot clearer now what Jade Helm is all about.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


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Playing with Fire – *Updated

Image result for titus arch

Titus Arch depicting the looting and destruction of Jerusalem 70 AD

It would be almost 9 years before God’s judgment against Rome and its newest emperor Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus would come. But, come it did and within a few short hours, the City of Pompeii was completely destroyed by the eruption of nearby Mt. Vesuvius sending the city of Rome reeling as the favored resort of affluent Romans was buried in heaps of scorching sulfur and ash, Yes, in a matter of hours, the city of Pompeii with its public bath houses, its amphitheatre, its many restaurants and pools was completely obliterated as if they had never existed.

It would have been hard for Titus to have imagined what the future would hold for him. Hailed a hero for his middle-East conquest and systematic destruction of Jerusalem he would ascend to the throne in just a few short years, but his success would be short-lived and would in fact be marred by one disaster after another culminating in his untimely death two years later – by poisoned fish, no less according to some; a fitting ending you might say for the man who destroyed Jerusalem and its holy temple and completed the Colosseum  which in time became the place of martyrdom for many Christians.

   Stones from the Western Wall of the Temple Mount (Jerusalem) thrown onto the street by Roman soldiers on the Ninth of Av, 70

Jerusalem, a burdensome stone

The Bible declares in Zechariah 12:3 that Jerusalem will be a “burdensome stone” and all who try to move it will severely injure themselves. Titus found this out. The stone arch depicting his systematic destruction of the city and its temple erected after his death in 81 AD by his brother Emperor Domitian as a memorial to him – an etched in stone reminder of one who pitted himself against this stone and lost, A warning perhaps to anyone who might be foolish enough to do the same.

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On Monday April 6, while reading to children from the book “Where the Wild Things Are” at the annual White House Easter Egg hunt, President Obama and the children he was reading to were invaded by some pesky bees that  interrupted the reading of the story and left the children shrieking, At first glance this seems innocent enough. A pretty day, a garden party ….. what could be dark or malignant about that?

We’re all familiar with the old adage that those who do not learn from history are in destined to repeat it. And, if you are familiar with the Bible at all you recognize that many Biblical events often occur and repeat on certain dates which  is where the bee incident gets really interesting. Consider this:

– Monday April 6 (the day of the bee incident) was Nisan 17, the day Haman ( in the book of Esther) was hanged for his plot against the Jews.

– And, Wednesday April 1 (also April Fool’s Day) was Nisan 13 the date on which the Persian King enacted his decree for the destruction of the Jews, at the behest of Haman, which is the same day President Obama signed the framework for the deal with Iran freeing their hands you might say to complete the destruction of the Jewish people and of the state of Israel to which they have vowed.

A sign, I believe that the actions of this President are about to bring judgment upon himself and the nation.  Just consider how many times, this Presidents public image has been marred by flies, rodents and now bees. All known to represent enemies of God’s chosen people. Where the wild things are, indeed!

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There comes a time when God’s judgment will be enacted . Which brings me to the terrible visions that many have had regarding the future of America and its demise. In the last few years there have been a number of Christians  who have had  horrific visions of America burning as a result of God’s judgment. A terrifying thought when you consider what could happen when God’s hand of mercy and protection is removed. For a sobering account of these visions check out the  Friday April 10, blog my friend Charmaine at Running from Babylon.

Friends, the President has embarked upon a plan which will have serious consequences not just for him but for the nation.  Without a doubt the Iran deal is playing with fire. And, like Titus and the city of Pompeii  judgment may not come today, tomorrow or the next day – but, be assured, it will come and when it does it will be swift and through.

*** Please see April 16 post at Running from Babylon for a video of Pompeii that is a must see!

Make sure today that if you have not done so already that you have made Jesus your place of safety.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy

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Four warned

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The number 4 is everywhere right now. At least in terms of this weekends lunar eclipse. Yes, in the early morning hours of Saturday April 4, we will see the moon change from a halo of light to a deep ruddy color, the color of blood.  I was thinking about this earlier today when I read a post from El Shaddai Ministries on FB titled “Shocking Passover Blood Moon Predictions by Israeli Rabbi”.  Apparently well-known sage and Rabbi Amram Vaknin is as concerned about this weekends  blood moons as many Christians are and this is what he had to say in a recent article to Israel Breaking News:

“the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, dam, which is 44 alludes to the 44th president of the United States”

Wow! He doesn’t mince any words does he?  And after studying the number four in its many associations with this event, I have to say, He’s right!

Take a look at this – all these fours centered around this weekends lunar eclipse.

1- It occurs on April 4, fourth month, fourth day on the Gentile, solar calendar – double 4’s …44

2- The duration of the eclipse when it reaches its maximum will be 4 minutes and 44 seconds – 444

3- A lunar eclipse is also known as a blood moon – dam in Hebrew (as noted above) with a numerical value of 44. (Blood also associated with the tenth plague of Passover on which this lunar eclipse appears.).

4- President Obama is the 44th President of the United States. The first and only President to seriously undermine the state of Israel since its rebirth in 1948 with his policies, and particularly now with his demonic inspired talks with Iran.

5 – The number 4 associated with the fourth day of creation in which the sun, moon and stars were given for signs and seasons.

6-  And, according to Bible Prophecy Numbers, the number 444 indicates a time of trial. As does 44 – 40, the number for testing, and 4, the number for the earth.

A clear reference I believe to this scripture:

“Because you have kept the word of my perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, (40)  that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth (4)..”  Revelation 3:10


Image result for mark twain the mysterious stranger #44       A few years ago, I wrote about Mark Twain and his book titled, #44, The Mysterious Stranger. It’s curious, when you read the story to find out that the mysterious stranger, # 44 is none other than Lucifer, Satan, the devil himself. But, why would Twain give his character the devil, the odd name of #44?

Back in 2010 before we knew anything about the blood moons, I wrote a post titled “Testing the Earth”.  In it, I explore the relationship of the 44th President with the character 44 of the Mark Twain novel, which you can find here.

It’s interesting, by revisiting this, I think, I may have figured out something I missed previously. Although the previous article alludes to why Twain’s character is called 44, I never quite connect the dots. I think I get it now.

It comes back to this. As I mention in the previous post, when Twain was in school he knew two Jewish boys, who he and his friends referred to as  #22 or “twice Levin”.  Get it, two ones make an eleven – twice “levin” as eleven might be pronounced in the south, But, here’s the kicker, which just occurred to me  -Levin, is a common Jewish name but, it is also when spelled leaven, the symbol of sin in the bible -for  leaven (yeast) is always symbolic of sin. So, as you can see, it is a play one words of sorts.

The two boys are like the number eleven doubled is 22.

And, doubled again is 44.

And, what does yeast do when added to things – it doubles or enlarges them- just like sin. Which is why at Passover all leaven must be removed from your houses

Also, the number 11 in the Bible represents disorder, imperfection, incompleteness. Making 44 the other perfect number for the devil besides 666.

11 x 2 =22 and doubled again is 44.

Somehow, it is no accident that Twain chose these numbers a full one hundred years before another mysterious stranger, another #44 would come on the scene – Barack Hussein Obama.

Which leads me to believe that this 44th President is instrumental in both cause and effect in what is happening right now and what is being signified in just a few hours by this April 4th’s blood moon.

When a golfer slices the ball and it is in danger of striking someone, he yells, “fore” –  in other words, heads up!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love thee” Psalm 122:6

Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!  Cindy


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